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  1. 1.Unforgettable singer ... 'King' Cole was born on March 17, 1919
  2. 2.Orson Welles tackled this Charlotte Bronte novel in 1944
  3. 3.Complete the lyric from As Time Goes By: "It's still the same old story; A fight for love and ...; A case of do or die"
  4. 4."See the ... along the Nile; Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle; Just remember, darling, all the while, you belong to me"
  5. 5.The latest British car, the ... Minor was revealed to Australians in February, 1949
  6. 6.Perry Mason, the hugely successful courtroom series of the late 1950s, starred this actor in the title role
  7. 7.That early disaster film, The Towering ...
  8. 8.Founded in 1928, this Hollywood studio, with the trademark of a pylon on a globe of the earth, produced such classics as Citizen Kane
  9. 9.Bing Crosby sang, "Many a heart is aching if you could read them all; Many the hopes that have vanished ... the ball"
  10. 10."Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich man, Poor Man, Beggarman, ..."
  11. 11.The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band charted in 1968 with I'm The ... Spaceman
  12. 12.Cream-filled baked treat with wings - always a grandma's specialty
  13. 13.Neville Chamberlain was Prime ... of Britain when war was declared on September 3, 1939
  14. 14."I'm an old cowhand, from the ... Grande; But my legs ain't bowed, and my cheeks ain't tanned"
  15. 15.She was the object of a giant ape's affection in the 1933 blockbuster, King Kong
  16. 16.Bonanza brought to the screen the activities of the Cartwright family starring Lorne Greene as Ben and ... Blocker as Hoss
  17. 17.American aviatrix who, in 1932, was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, Amelia ...
  18. 18.Sumptuous production chronicling the experiences of a British governess in 19th-century Thailand, Anna And The King ...
  19. 19.Spoon-bending illusionist ... Geller was born on December 20, 1946
  20. 20.Rudyard Kipling's stories for children, The ... Book
  21. 21."I get no kick from champagne; Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all; So tell me why should it be true; That ... kick out of you"
  22. 22.Tyne Daly played tough cop Mary Lacey and her partner Christine Cagney was portrayed by actress ... Gless
  23. 23.Australian native animal known as the spiny anteater
  24. 24."When the moon hits your ... like a big pizza pie; That's amore"
  25. 25."It's the hammer of justice; It's the bell of freedom; It's the song about love between my ... and my sisters; All over this land"
  26. 26.Swede ... Hammarskjold became UN secretary general in March, 1953
  27. 27.Unforgettable soap advertisement of the 60s: "You'll be a little lovelier ..., with fabulous pink Camay"
  28. 28.Ronnie Barker's comedy partner
  29. 29."I have nothing ... but blood, toil, tears and sweat," Winston Churchill told the British nation On May 10, 1940, upon becoming PM
  30. 30."Take me home, country ...," begged John Denver
  31. 31.This British-ruled country was the target of the Japanese campaign from Burma in 1942
  32. 32.Bud Abbott's comedy partner, ... Costello
  33. 33.Brian Murphy played George ... and Yootha Joyce was his wife in the 1970s comedy George And Mildred
  34. 34.This word, meaning treatment and cures using natural remedies, was first coined more than 100 years ago!

About Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword

Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle which consists of historical people, places, movies and incidents. This crossword is aptly named as the answers are mostly famous people or places from the past. Most of the answers are based on popular locations, actors, actresses or singers. Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle for those who want a trip down the memory lane.
Lovatts Memory Lane are very easy to play. If you need help, there are instructions available on the Lovatts crossword page at Basically, you click on the grid you want to solve and the word is highlighted. Similarly, clicking on the clue will highlight the word in the puzzle grid. Read the clue to unlock the answer. Write the letters in the gird to solve the puzzle. Playing on smartphone, the layout will change depending on the landscape or portrait mode of your mobile device.

Once you start playing the Lovatts Memory Lane crossword, a timer automatically starts. If you want to take a break, you can pause the timer. Click on ‘’Resume’’ when you want to play again. Once you get stuck, you can click on ‘’Hint’’ tab and to fill the word, click on it again. However, if you use a hint, you won’t get a ranking. You can also look at the entire solved puzzle for 5 seconds if you click on ‘’Reveal’’ tab. To look for incorrect answers, click on ‘’Check‘’ tab which will display all the errors.
Lovatts Memory Lane crosswords are very fun, engaging and interesting. If you have a good memory, then you won’t have a problem solving these puzzles. Most of the answers are based on old movies, songs, cities, actors etc. so keep that in mind when you try to decipher a clue. We surely hope that you have a great time playing Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword.

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