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  1. 1.When this brand of stock cubes first appeared in UK shops in 1910 they cost a penny for each small red hand-wrapped carton
  2. 2.Title of Italy's WWII dictator Mussolini, Il ...
  3. 3.In Wonderland Alice encountered this creature who "vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin"
  4. 4."I want some ... a blue lady; Send them to the sweetest girl in town"
  5. 5.This landmark statue was replaced in Piccadilly Circus, London, on June 28, 1947
  6. 6."It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up," said boxer Muhammad ...
  7. 7."Lipstick on your collar told ... on you," sang Connie Francis
  8. 8.Mr Humphries' invariable cry in Are You Being Served?
  9. 9."I know a dark secluded place. A place where no one knows your face. A glass of wine, a fast embrace. It's called ... Hideaway. Ole!"
  10. 10.72 people died in the ... Wednesday fires that struck Victoria and South Australia in 1983
  11. 11.Young Sydney gynaecologist William McBride discovered an alarming number of birth defects from mothers who had taken this drug in the 1950s
  12. 12.The first tanks were used in 1916, though with little success, in WWI's Battle of the ...
  13. 13.The name of the vessel that propelled Captain James T Kirk and his crew of 438 to "boldly go where no man has gone before". NASA named a space shuttle after this craft
  14. 14.Oscar-winning film about life in a Welsh mining village, ... Green Was My Valley
  15. 15.He's back to the TV he never really left, if you include the endless repeats on channels around the world - the Tardis time traveller with the scarf!
  16. 16.He succeeded Nasser as president of Egypt, ... al-Sadat
  17. 17."I'm strong to ...; Cause I eats me spinach; I'm Popeye the Sailor Man"
  18. 18.James Clavell's gripping novel about prisoners of the Japanese during WWII, King ...
  19. 19.The Life Peerages Act of 1958 significantly broadened the membership of this complementary body to the Commons
  20. 20.A new strain of this fungus-triggered condition emerged in the 60s, devastating those trees that had survived the first outbreak in the 1920s
  21. 21.Brother of composer George, he wrote the lyrics for most Gershwin songs
  22. 22.Marlene Dietrich sang, "Falling in love again; Never wanted to; What am ...? I can't help it"
  23. 23.This swimming stroke was introduced in 1902 by the Cavill brothers
  24. 24.According to Cecil B DeMille, his 1944 film starring Gary Cooper, The ... Wassell, was based on a true instance of WWII heroism recounted by president Roosevelt
  25. 25."I'm an old cowhand, from the ... Grande; But my legs ain't bowed, and my cheeks ain't tanned"
  26. 26.The traditionalist foe of the Republican particularly in Australia
  27. 27."Hooray and hallelujah; You ... coming to you; Goody goody for him; Goody goody for you; And I hope you're satisfied you rascal you"
  28. 28.His controversial novels Tropic Of Cancer and Tropic Of Capricorn were banned in the US
  29. 29.Sidney Poitier's 1967 film, To ..., With Love - Lulu sang the title song
  30. 30.Rocket designed as a satellite-launch vehicle and tested at Woomera in the 60s and 70s, the Black ...
  31. 31.The event of 1984-5 that saw Thatcher's victory over Scargill, the ... strike
  32. 32."After living in the USA for more than thirty-five years they called me an undesirable alien. Me. Johnny Rocco. Like I was a dirty Red or something!" said Edward G Robinson as this gangster Rocco in the thriller that also starred Bogart and Bacall, Key ...

About Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword

Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle which consists of historical people, places, movies and incidents. This crossword is aptly named as the answers are mostly famous people or places from the past. Most of the answers are based on popular locations, actors, actresses or singers. Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle for those who want a trip down the memory lane.
Lovatts Memory Lane are very easy to play. If you need help, there are instructions available on the Lovatts crossword page at Basically, you click on the grid you want to solve and the word is highlighted. Similarly, clicking on the clue will highlight the word in the puzzle grid. Read the clue to unlock the answer. Write the letters in the gird to solve the puzzle. Playing on smartphone, the layout will change depending on the landscape or portrait mode of your mobile device.

Once you start playing the Lovatts Memory Lane crossword, a timer automatically starts. If you want to take a break, you can pause the timer. Click on ‘’Resume’’ when you want to play again. Once you get stuck, you can click on ‘’Hint’’ tab and to fill the word, click on it again. However, if you use a hint, you won’t get a ranking. You can also look at the entire solved puzzle for 5 seconds if you click on ‘’Reveal’’ tab. To look for incorrect answers, click on ‘’Check‘’ tab which will display all the errors.
Lovatts Memory Lane crosswords are very fun, engaging and interesting. If you have a good memory, then you won’t have a problem solving these puzzles. Most of the answers are based on old movies, songs, cities, actors etc. so keep that in mind when you try to decipher a clue. We surely hope that you have a great time playing Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword.

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