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  1. 1.Last century's decade of the bodyline series, the invasion of Abyssinia and the Silver Jubilee of King George V
  2. 2.Fifty years after the invention of the motor bike, this name was given to leather jacketed outlaws of the 50s; Hell's ...
  3. 3.The cry of the Dalek
  4. 4.Design style of the 20s & 30s - named after the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Moderne - though this abbreviation didn't become current until the 50s
  5. 5.Sixties classic song, The House Of The Rising ...
  6. 6.The Plank comic genius, Eric ...
  7. 7.Clark Gable's Gone With The Wind role, ... Butler
  8. 8.British actor who played Humbert Humbert in Kubrick's Lolita, James ...
  9. 9.Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell created the rag-and-bone collecting father and son in this TV classic
  10. 10.This Jacques Cousteau invention consists of a regulator and cylinder of air in a harness attached to a diver's back
  11. 11.In Jamaica Farewell Harry Belafonte sang, "But ... to say I'm on my way; Won't be back for many a day"
  12. 12.Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday at JFK's 45th birthday party at New York's ... Square Garden
  13. 13.Velvet Underground singer, ... Reed
  14. 14.Scott Joplin's style of music, used in the Newman/Redford film set in 30s Chicago
  15. 15.In High Society Bing Crosby sang Goodbye, Samantha instead of this name from the original Cole Porter number
  16. 16."It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up," said boxer Muhammad ...
  17. 17.Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man, Lee ...
  18. 18.Swashbuckling womanising actor who came from Tasmania, ... Flynn
  19. 19.Country singer/songwriter who wrote the 1961 Patsy Cline hit Crazy, Willie ...
  20. 20.He divorced Vivien Leigh in 1960 to marry his third wife, Joan Plowright, actor Laurence ...
  21. 21.Billy Wilder told Cliff Osmond, "You have Van Gogh's ... for music"
  22. 22.As the North Sea fields came on line in the 70s, this Scottish city became the Oil Capital of Europe
  23. 23.Joanne Woodward played a young woman with multiple personalities in The Three Faces Of ...
  24. 24.This submarine-launched nuclear ICBM replaced the 60s Polaris and 70s Poseidon
  25. 25.A revolution in child-rearing came about from this doctor's famous Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
  26. 26.She thanked Jack Warner for her Mary Poppins Golden Globe, made possible because he wouldn't cast her in the film of My Fair Lady; singer & actress Julie ...
  27. 27.Spectacular opening batsman for India in the 70s, ... Gavaskar
  28. 28.Synthetic polymer developed by du Pont chemicals to make a fibre used in parachutes, fishing nets and stockings
  29. 29.Three times Grand National winner in the 70s, Red ...
  30. 30.As part of the military insurrection to oust Peron in 1955, planes bombed the Plaza de Mayo in the Argentine capital, Buenos ...
  31. 31.Singing star and mother of Liza Minelli
  32. 32.In 1945 Sidney Nolan began painting his series of works based on the bushranger, ... Kelly
  33. 33.In 1976 HM opened the Olympics in this Canadian city (Her Majesty's daughter was a member of the British equestrian team)
  34. 34.The Barnum and Bailey Circus called itself: "The Greatest Show on ..."

About Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword

Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle which consists of historical people, places, movies and incidents. This crossword is aptly named as the answers are mostly famous people or places from the past. Most of the answers are based on popular locations, actors, actresses or singers. Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle for those who want a trip down the memory lane.
Lovatts Memory Lane are very easy to play. If you need help, there are instructions available on the Lovatts crossword page at Basically, you click on the grid you want to solve and the word is highlighted. Similarly, clicking on the clue will highlight the word in the puzzle grid. Read the clue to unlock the answer. Write the letters in the gird to solve the puzzle. Playing on smartphone, the layout will change depending on the landscape or portrait mode of your mobile device.

Once you start playing the Lovatts Memory Lane crossword, a timer automatically starts. If you want to take a break, you can pause the timer. Click on ‘’Resume’’ when you want to play again. Once you get stuck, you can click on ‘’Hint’’ tab and to fill the word, click on it again. However, if you use a hint, you won’t get a ranking. You can also look at the entire solved puzzle for 5 seconds if you click on ‘’Reveal’’ tab. To look for incorrect answers, click on ‘’Check‘’ tab which will display all the errors.
Lovatts Memory Lane crosswords are very fun, engaging and interesting. If you have a good memory, then you won’t have a problem solving these puzzles. Most of the answers are based on old movies, songs, cities, actors etc. so keep that in mind when you try to decipher a clue. We surely hope that you have a great time playing Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword.

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