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  1. 1.In 1934 around 100,000 Chinese communists under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung retreated 10,000 km from the Nationalist Army of ... Kai-Shek in what was to become known as the Long March
  2. 2.Nazi war criminal who fled to Argentina after WWII, Adolf ..., was located by Israeli agents in 1960 and taken to Israel for trial and execution
  3. 3.Romanticicon Rudolph Valentino's legendary desert role
  4. 4."If you're blue and you don't know; Where to go to, why don't you go; Where fashion ...? Puttin' on the Ritz"
  5. 5.From 1923 until his death in 1938, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the president of this nation
  6. 6.Coronation Street's biddies were Ena Sharples, Minnie Caldwell and ... Longhurst
  7. 7.Hoagy Carmichael song, Georgia On My ...
  8. 8."Brevity is the soul of ...," wrote Dorothy Parker for Vogue magazine in 1916
  9. 9.Errol Flynn played the title role in the film, The Adventures of ... Hood
  10. 10.John Wyndham's classic science fiction novel, The Day Of The ...
  11. 11."When they've all had their quarrels and ...; We'll be the same as we started; Just travelling along singing a song; Side by side"
  12. 12.Composer of songs and musicals including Annie Get Your Gun and the unofficial anthem of the USA, God Bless America; ... Berlin
  13. 13.Creator of the Noddy books for children, ... Blyton
  14. 14.Ray Charles affirmed, "I never wanted to be famous. ... wanted to be great"
  15. 15.Great independent record label of the 50s and 60s in jazz, rhythm and blues, soul and rock
  16. 16.Critic John Mason Brown advised of her performance in 1937, "Tallulah ... barged down the Nile last night as Cleopatra - and sank"
  17. 17."Some ... I've seen; Might never be mean; Might never be cross or try to be boss; But they wouldn't do," sang Doris Day in It Had To Be You
  18. 18.In 1942 the last of the metal of the Russian gun captured at Sevastopol was used in manufacturing the medals of the ... Cross
  19. 19.In Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Judy Garland promised, "Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away, above the chimney pots, that's where you'll ..."
  20. 20."Beulah, peel me a grape," Mae West demanded in I'm No ...
  21. 21.Audrey Hepburn was stunning in the 1961 film, Breakfast At ...
  22. 22.She sued Warners in the forties and won, moving to Paramount to make two Oscar-winning movies, To Each His Own and The Heiress; ... de Havilland
  23. 23.Larry Hagman, later to portray JR Ewing in Dallas, was an astronaut working for this agency when he found a genie in a bottle in I Dream Of Jeannie
  24. 24.The voyages of the Enterprise under the command of Captain James T Kirk were shown in this popular TV sci-fi series
  25. 25."Don't fence me in," begged Bing Crosby. "Just turn me loose; Let me straddle my old ...; Underneath the western skies"
  26. 26.The first general elections in this newly independent Commonwealth republic were held in 1952
  27. 27.What little boys are made of, according to the nursery rhyme, ... and snails and puppy dog tails
  28. 28.The Kingston Trio sang, "If I live to be ...; I will never know from where; Came those ribbons, lovely ribbons; Scarlet ribbons for her hair"
  29. 29."Every kiss, every hug; Seems to act just like a ...; You're getting to be a habit with me"
  30. 30."Every night something awful," they cruelly said of this WWII British forces entertainment group
  31. 31."See a female colossus - her mountainous torso, skyscraper limbs, giant desires!" screamed the posters for the 50s movie, ... Of The 50 Foot Woman

About Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword

Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle which consists of historical people, places, movies and incidents. This crossword is aptly named as the answers are mostly famous people or places from the past. Most of the answers are based on popular locations, actors, actresses or singers. Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle for those who want a trip down the memory lane.
Lovatts Memory Lane are very easy to play. If you need help, there are instructions available on the Lovatts crossword page at Basically, you click on the grid you want to solve and the word is highlighted. Similarly, clicking on the clue will highlight the word in the puzzle grid. Read the clue to unlock the answer. Write the letters in the gird to solve the puzzle. Playing on smartphone, the layout will change depending on the landscape or portrait mode of your mobile device.

Once you start playing the Lovatts Memory Lane crossword, a timer automatically starts. If you want to take a break, you can pause the timer. Click on ‘’Resume’’ when you want to play again. Once you get stuck, you can click on ‘’Hint’’ tab and to fill the word, click on it again. However, if you use a hint, you won’t get a ranking. You can also look at the entire solved puzzle for 5 seconds if you click on ‘’Reveal’’ tab. To look for incorrect answers, click on ‘’Check‘’ tab which will display all the errors.
Lovatts Memory Lane crosswords are very fun, engaging and interesting. If you have a good memory, then you won’t have a problem solving these puzzles. Most of the answers are based on old movies, songs, cities, actors etc. so keep that in mind when you try to decipher a clue. We surely hope that you have a great time playing Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword.

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