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  1. 1.The characteristic 'hospital' smell of this early disinfectant comes from its coal-tar chemicals
  2. 2.Passionate nurse Margaret 'Hotlips' Houlihan was played by ... Swit in TV's M*A*S*H series
  3. 3.JD Salinger's 1951 novel, The Catcher In The ...
  4. 4.Heinrich ... was appointed head of the German Reich's police force in 1936
  5. 5.His three papers in 1905 revolutionised physics, ... Einstein
  6. 6.In 1954 Ho Chi Minh's forces defeated the French at the Battle of Dien Bien ...
  7. 7.Animal Farm author whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, George ...
  8. 8.Composer of such songs as Stardust and In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening, ... Carmichael
  9. 9.30s detective novelist, Dorothy L ...
  10. 10.40s actress who often starred with Tyrone Powell and Dana Andrews, Gene ...
  11. 11.In 1931 this cooker was introduced to the kitchens of the world
  12. 12.Alastair Sim and Joyce Grenfell were hilarious in this film about a crazy school, The Belles Of St ...
  13. 13.The campaign badges in the US in 1947 read, "I like ..."
  14. 14.WC Fields quipped, "I was in love with a beautiful blonde once, dear. She drove me ... That's the one thing I'm indebted to her for"
  15. 15.Welsh actor who married Elizabeth Taylor
  16. 16.Listerine slogan: "Even your best friends won't ..."
  17. 17.Beatrix Potter stories
  18. 18.Swashbuckling womanising actor from Tasmania, ... Flynn
  19. 19.This comedy duo poked fun equally at the three arms of the US defence forces in WWII, Bud Abbott and ... Costello
  20. 20.H Rider Haggard's adventure classic, King Solomon's ...
  21. 21.This London abbey was the scene for the wedding of the Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth
  22. 22.US atomic research establishment in New Mexico established during WWII, ... Alamos
  23. 23.Rodgers & Hammerstein musical where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
  24. 24.Makin' Whoopee was the theme song for ... Cantor
  25. 25.Carmen Miranda sang I Yi Yi Yi Yi I Like You ...
  26. 26.WWII's Uncle Joe, ... Stalin
  27. 27."Sing a song of sixpence, a pocketful of rye; Four and twenty blackbirds ..."
  28. 28."I am not ...: I am a free man," said Patrick McGoohan each week in the 60s TV show The Prisoner
  29. 29.Classic No No Nanette duet, Tea For ...
  30. 30.Jack Benny and Carole Lombard were the stars of To Be ... To Be
  31. 31.Named for the first Indian PM, the ... jacket became fashionable in the 60s
  32. 32.Bugs Bunny asked, "What's ...?"
  33. 33.Road film actress (in a sarong)
  34. 34.Long John Silver's pirates proclaimed, "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest; Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!" in Stevenson's classic ... Island

About Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword

Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle which consists of historical people, places, movies and incidents. This crossword is aptly named as the answers are mostly famous people or places from the past. Most of the answers are based on popular locations, actors, actresses or singers. Lovatts Memory Lane crossword is a puzzle for those who want a trip down the memory lane.
Lovatts Memory Lane are very easy to play. If you need help, there are instructions available on the Lovatts crossword page at Basically, you click on the grid you want to solve and the word is highlighted. Similarly, clicking on the clue will highlight the word in the puzzle grid. Read the clue to unlock the answer. Write the letters in the gird to solve the puzzle. Playing on smartphone, the layout will change depending on the landscape or portrait mode of your mobile device.

Once you start playing the Lovatts Memory Lane crossword, a timer automatically starts. If you want to take a break, you can pause the timer. Click on ‘’Resume’’ when you want to play again. Once you get stuck, you can click on ‘’Hint’’ tab and to fill the word, click on it again. However, if you use a hint, you won’t get a ranking. You can also look at the entire solved puzzle for 5 seconds if you click on ‘’Reveal’’ tab. To look for incorrect answers, click on ‘’Check‘’ tab which will display all the errors.
Lovatts Memory Lane crosswords are very fun, engaging and interesting. If you have a good memory, then you won’t have a problem solving these puzzles. Most of the answers are based on old movies, songs, cities, actors etc. so keep that in mind when you try to decipher a clue. We surely hope that you have a great time playing Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword.

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