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  1. 1.Sending forth
  2. 2.Floating debris, ... & jetsam
  3. 3.World map book
  4. 4.Aggravate
  5. 5.Non-Jewish person
  6. 6.Church passage
  7. 7.Soup vegetable
  8. 8.Most demented
  9. 9.Prosecute
  10. 10.Pearl source
  11. 11.Stockings
  12. 12.Yashmaks
  13. 13.Try to rival
  14. 14.Egg/spice/brandy drink
  15. 15.Record platters
  16. 16.Window shades, Venetian ...
  17. 17.Frocks
  18. 18.Fashion direction
  19. 19.Loathes
  20. 20.Shopfront shelters
  21. 21.Origins
  22. 22.Continuous
  23. 23.Dubious
  24. 24.Changing booth
  25. 25.Exploiting
  26. 26.Radio frequency
  27. 27.Male singing voice
  28. 28.Relinquished (land)
  29. 29.Counterfeits
  30. 30.Bedlinen
  31. 31.Piece of turf
  32. 32.Nonfictional
  33. 33.I'm a little ..., short & stout
  34. 34.Coarse files
  35. 35.Takes advantage of, ... in on
  36. 36.News chief
  37. 37.Person removed from danger zone
  38. 38.Crash into, ... with
  39. 39.Lived
  40. 40.Midday meal
  41. 41.Car sheds

About Lovatts Enigma Crossword

Lovatts Enigma crossword is a daily puzzle which you can play to win a AUD$100 VISA gift card. Upon successful completion of the Enigma crossword, you can enter your details to win a chance to receive a $100 VISA gift card. Please note that a winner will be chosen each month and your entry should be 100% accurate. You will be contacted by email if you win the prize. A winner will be chosen by Lovatts from the submitted successful entries.

Lovatts Enigma crossword is a puzzle which is not that easy compared to other puzzles. There is no hint or reveal option in this crossword. To play this Enigma puzzle, read the clues carefully and unlock Lovatts Enigma answers. If your answer is correct, it will appear in green. If the answer is not correct, the colour will not change. You must solve the Lovatts Enigma puzzle completely to get a chance to win the prize. If you have any problem in the crossword, take a screenshot and sent it to Lovatts customer support. They will resolve your issue.

Once you start playing Lovatts Enigma crossword, a timer will start. You can pause the timer if you need to take a break. Click resume once you are ready to continue. You can reset and restart the puzzle too. As it is evident in the name, the answers are enigmatic in nature. As we mentioned already, there will be no hints or help in this crossword. Once you have successfully solved the puzzle, you will be asked your name and email. Submit your details and wait for an email from Lovatts. Each month, a winner is announced on Lovatts site at

Lovatts Enigma is one of the most interesting and challenging crossword puzzles. Test your knowledge and intelligence by playing this crossword. Who knows, maybe you will be the winner of AUD$100 VISA gift card!

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