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  1. 1.Refuse
  2. 2.What's happening
  3. 3.Load
  4. 4.Rich soil
  5. 5.Razzed
  6. 6.Jonson work
  7. 7.Keen
  8. 8.Depressed
  9. 9.Fortune 500 listings (abbr.)
  10. 10.Mardi ___
  11. 11.Getting on in years
  12. 12.Paw
  13. 13.Christmas ___
  14. 14."I'm impressed!"
  15. 15.Scrabble piece
  16. 16.Hardly refined
  17. 17.Oaf
  18. 18.Bother
  19. 19.Diamond complement
  20. 20.Rising locale?
  21. 21.Itinerary word
  22. 22.Carson's successor
  23. 23.Butterfly catcher
  24. 24.Enjoys cigar
  25. 25.No-goodnik
  26. 26.Postulates
  27. 27.Sewer line?
  28. 28.Skedaddle
  29. 29.Unsightly skin spots
  30. 30.Female antelope
  31. 31.Ouzo flavoring
  32. 32.Carnival car
  33. 33."Cogito, ___ sum"
  34. 34.Storage place
  35. 35.Set off (bomb)
  36. 36.Basic Halloween costume
  37. 37.Fiddle stick
  38. 38.Weeder
  39. 39.___ law
  40. 40.Hidden valley
  41. 41.___ Gees
  42. 42.Information
  43. 43.Persuaded
  44. 44.Answer to "Shall we?"
  45. 45.Institutionalizes
  46. 46."Act your ___!"
  47. 47.Freshly painted
  48. 48.Make over
  49. 49.Pub quaffs
  50. 50.Lucky emblem
  51. 51.Look after
  52. 52.Nile wader
  53. 53.Life story, in brief
  54. 54.Coffee maker
  55. 55.Heavenly
  56. 56.Clubs (abbr.)
  57. 57.Doesn't use
  58. 58.Quarterback Manning
  59. 59.Purpose
  60. 60.Smooch
  61. 61.Sound of contempt
  62. 62.Salty septet
  63. 63.Throw off
  64. 64.Yoga floor pad
  65. 65.Class
  66. 66.Batches of twelve

About Lovatts American Crossword

Lovatts is one of the biggest crossword puzzle companies in the world. Operating since 1978, Lovatts has published various online crossword puzzles. Lovatts American is also a very interesting crossword which is obviously catered to American people. You can play this daily free American puzzle to sharpen your mind and test your knowledge at
Lovatts American crossword is a simple and straightforward puzzle. If you don’t know how to play it, there are instructions available on the page. Click on the word grid you want to solve and the clue will be highlighted. Vice versa, clicking on the clue highlights the word in the puzzle grid. If you are playing on a smartphone, the clues will appear within the puzzle. To get a hint, you can click on the Hint tab which can reveal the word or just the letter. If you want to take a peek at the fully solved crossword, you can do that so for 5 seconds by clicking on ‘’Reveal’’ button.
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Lovatts American Crossword is based on American history and current affairs. Many clues are based on American movies, entertainment media, news, celebrities and sports. It is a very unique and exciting crossword puzzle. Play this daily free Lovatts American crossword to have a lot of fun.

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