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  1. 1.Program
  2. 2.Rotter
  3. 3.Pool site, maybe
  4. 4.Merino mother
  5. 5.Family nickname
  6. 6.Wound dressing
  7. 7.Australian bird
  8. 8.Slime
  9. 9.Eel
  10. 10.Divvy up
  11. 11.Cry at a circus
  12. 12.Lampblack
  13. 13.Schnozzola
  14. 14.Nonclerical
  15. 15.1973 Supreme Court decision name
  16. 16.Relinquished
  17. 17.Job for a speech coach
  18. 18.Wine container
  19. 19.Female lobster
  20. 20.In ___ (as found)
  21. 21.Tolerate
  22. 22.Overpower
  23. 23.Trojan War figure
  24. 24.Croquet area
  25. 25.___ steel
  26. 26.Every which way
  27. 27.Med school grad
  28. 28.Driving danger
  29. 29.Parking place
  30. 30.Lot
  31. 31.Fast no more
  32. 32.Like some smiles
  33. 33.Token taker
  34. 34.Oktoberfest serving
  35. 35.Conclude
  36. 36.Blocks
  37. 37.Traffic director
  38. 38.Even
  39. 39.Afternoon hour in Italy
  40. 40.Eighth Greek letter
  41. 41.Boeing 747, e.g.
  42. 42.Hoot
  43. 43.Antagonist
  44. 44.Discoverer of New Zealand
  45. 45.Train sound
  46. 46.Wonderland drink
  47. 47.Boxer's bane
  48. 48.Maize core
  49. 49.Funny business
  50. 50.Regarded guardedly
  51. 51.Groove
  52. 52.Water carrier
  53. 53."Well done!"
  54. 54.Capt.'s prediction
  55. 55.Most ignoble
  56. 56.Wacko
  57. 57.Ground breaker
  58. 58.Prepares food
  59. 59.Touch on
  60. 60.Speck
  61. 61.Tuneful
  62. 62.Aspiration
  63. 63.Downs' opposite
  64. 64.Stitch up
  65. 65.Empty
  66. 66.Head for the hills

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Lovatts is one of the biggest crossword puzzle companies in the world. Operating since 1978, Lovatts has published various online crossword puzzles. Lovatts American is also a very interesting crossword which is obviously catered to American people. You can play this daily free American puzzle to sharpen your mind and test your knowledge at
Lovatts American crossword is a simple and straightforward puzzle. If you don’t know how to play it, there are instructions available on the page. Click on the word grid you want to solve and the clue will be highlighted. Vice versa, clicking on the clue highlights the word in the puzzle grid. If you are playing on a smartphone, the clues will appear within the puzzle. To get a hint, you can click on the Hint tab which can reveal the word or just the letter. If you want to take a peek at the fully solved crossword, you can do that so for 5 seconds by clicking on ‘’Reveal’’ button.
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Lovatts American Crossword is based on American history and current affairs. Many clues are based on American movies, entertainment media, news, celebrities and sports. It is a very unique and exciting crossword puzzle. Play this daily free Lovatts American crossword to have a lot of fun.

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