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  1. 1.Crucially important
  2. 2.One on a fixie, say
  3. 3.Sudden shocks
  4. 4.Composite image where stars appear as streaks
  5. 5.Indigenous Alaskan
  6. 6.Madrid "more"
  7. 7.Dressy attire
  8. 8.Corporate shake-up affecting the companies in the circled letters?
  9. 9.As the situation warrants
  10. 10.Simple
  11. 11.Plant with a tiger tooth variety
  12. 12.Like last-minute tix, maybe
  13. 13.32-foot pastry visible from the 405 in Los Angeles
  14. 14.1990s media coverage?
  15. 15.St. __ of Assisi
  16. 16.Tends to spilled milk
  17. 17.Assumed
  18. 18.Word with bird's or bull's
  19. 19.Acute thing
  20. 20.Used a peeler
  21. 21.Sun-dried brick
  22. 22.Ginger blossom garland
  23. 23.HEMNES retailer
  24. 24.Dashboard display
  25. 25.Hardwood tree
  26. 26.Paper money
  27. 27.Flock infant
  28. 28.Rattan
  29. 29.Snack or stack at the poker table
  30. 30.Petting zoo chorus
  31. 31.Debate issues
  32. 32.Yr. before a historic time change
  33. 33.Musician Batiste
  34. 34.Actor Kilmer
  35. 35.Poses in a yoga studio
  36. 36.Ginger __
  37. 37.Cymbals played with a pedal
  38. 38.Inched closer
  39. 39.First pres. born outside the Thirteen Colonies
  40. 40."__ a big if!"
  41. 41.Musical ability
  42. 42.Digital images?
  43. 43.Accepts an invitation to pose
  44. 44.Prefix with cache
  45. 45.Music League submissions
  46. 46.Missy Elliott genre
  47. 47.Has on the calendar
  48. 48.Figurative expression
  49. 49.Resolution
  50. 50.Flurry of emotions
  51. 51.[Not my error]
  52. 52.Crunchy snack
  53. 53."Don't forget your umbrella and galoshes!"
  54. 54.Dishwasher cycle
  55. 55.Possessive word
  56. 56.Phryge, for Paris 2024, e.g
  57. 57.Biotech bacteria
  58. 58.Flat formation
  59. 59."I dunno ... "
  60. 60.Bag-checking org
  61. 61.Title role for Madonna
  62. 62." ... and I approve this message" spots
  63. 63.Beam
  64. 64.Indigenous Alaskan
  65. 65.Early social networking site
  66. 66.Do some dirty dancing
  67. 67.Signs
  68. 68.Unappealing plateful
  69. 69.Air space?
  70. 70.Key turning point?
  71. 71.Water filter brand
  72. 72.Simpson who plays the sax
  73. 73.Adversary
  74. 74."The Color Purple" producer
  75. 75.Switzerland's capital
  76. 76.Lowest rank for a 35-Down
  77. 77.Brewery letters
  78. 78."Stop talking"
  79. 79."Sex Education" protagonist
  80. 80.Souped-up car
  81. 81.Employed
  82. 82.Period that included the storming of the Bastille
  83. 83.Marvin the Martian, e.g
  84. 84.75-Down accessory
  85. 85.Outdoor kitchen fixture
  86. 86.Bread shaped like a 21-Across
  87. 87.Comedian DeLaria
  88. 88.Hardwood trees
  89. 89.Vanilla meas
  90. 90.House of Lords member
  91. 91.Coral community
  92. 92.Brio
  93. 93.Vehicle that may address the "last mile" problem
  94. 94.Hushed summons
  95. 95.Base for many Italian fashion labels
  96. 96.Trash
  97. 97.Journalist King
  98. 98.Provide pardon
  99. 99.Blueprint bit
  100. 100.Lazy walrus, e.g., for short
  101. 101.Italian seaport
  102. 102.Ref. that added "adultification" in 2023
  103. 103.Doofus
  104. 104.Match makeup
  105. 105.Power trip?
  106. 106.Like some tear-jerkers
  107. 107.Duck habitat
  108. 108.Wild goat
  109. 109.Calif. Christmas hrs
  110. 110.Get loose, in a way
  111. 111.Number of players in Battleship
  112. 112."American Dad" dad
  113. 113.Comfy cozy
  114. 114.Peak between Pelion and Olympus
  115. 115.GoPro device
  116. 116.Disappointed click
  117. 117.Helper
  118. 118.Bavarian range
  119. 119.Petting zoo ride
  120. 120.Troy research univ
  121. 121.Cable
  122. 122."Hell __ no fury ... "
  123. 123.Makes a flat sheet flatter
  124. 124.Kitchen containers
  125. 125."Postman __": BBC stop-motion animation series
  126. 126.__ fide
  127. 127.Chihuahua's alert
  128. 128.Lifted prints?
  129. 129.NYC arena
  130. 130.Said aloud
  131. 131.Denotes
  132. 132.Cartagena kiss
  133. 133.Jennifer of "Dirty Dancing"
  134. 134.Baylor University city
  135. 135.Rio hello
  136. 136.Landscaping tool
  137. 137.Mentally prepared
  138. 138."Mr. Robot" creator Esmail
  139. 139.Pegged instruments
  140. 140.Sinister
  141. 141."You said it!"
  142. 142.Brief brief

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The puzzles are available in different difficulty levels, allowing the cruciverbalists to enjoy their time solving these cryptic puzzles with the help of the given clues. The Friday crosswords at LA Times are theme based. Finding the LA Times crossword answers is certainly not a difficult task especially if you are solving them on the online portal, as they offer a Reveal button, located right above the grid to help you find the answer to the crossword box by revealing the solution for the current box, the word or the entire solution. You can also check if your provided answers are correct or not by simply keeping the Error Check Mode, on. Thus, the right answers will appear green while the incorrect LA Times crossword solutions will appear red. Moreover, you can check if the word you have guessed or the letter you just added into the grid for a given clue is right or not by simply choosing the Check button located right above the crossword grid. The incorrect letters or words will appear red, while the correct letters and words will appear green. In short, LA Times offers a very well-managed, designed and constructed crossword grid for all their crossword lovers.

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