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  1. 1.Longtime Lehrer partner
  2. 2.__ center
  3. 3.Take __: rest
  4. 4."Come again?" replies
  5. 5.Targets marked with flags
  6. 6.Sitcom sign-off word
  7. 7.Intensified
  8. 8.Whinnied, say
  9. 9.Upsilon preceder
  10. 10.Seagoing force
  11. 11."__ voyage!"
  12. 12.Chan portrayer Warner __
  13. 13.Family lads
  14. 14.Key of Brahms' First Symphony
  15. 15.Cheesy snack
  16. 16.Code word
  17. 17.Jeanie's hair color, in an old song
  18. 18.50 Cent piece
  19. 19.Elite unit
  20. 20.Truman's Missouri birthplace
  21. 21."A Passage to India" heroine
  22. 22.Govt. benefits org.
  23. 23.Like many elephants
  24. 24.Nine-digit ID
  25. 25.Accomplishments
  26. 26.St. with a panhandle
  27. 27.Debatable
  28. 28.World power initials until 1991
  29. 29.Welcome words to a hitchhiker
  30. 30.Cat coat
  31. 31.Bone head?
  32. 32.Humble
  33. 33.Columnist Bombeck
  34. 34.Ten sawbucks
  35. 35.First-rate
  36. 36.Bust maker
  37. 37.Put off by
  38. 38.Insulted smack
  39. 39.Bias
  40. 40.London art gallery
  41. 41.A, in Arles
  42. 42.What careful people take
  43. 43."Same here"
  44. 44.Curtain holder
  45. 45.Beast of Borden
  46. 46.Brewery heads
  47. 47.Tennis great Nastase
  48. 48.British bakery buy
  49. 49.Rush __
  50. 50.Legislate
  51. 51.Story featuring Paris
  52. 52.Essentially
  53. 53.Breakfast go-with that comes from a plant?
  54. 54.Secure a breakfast supply?
  55. 55.Autobahn auto
  56. 56.Scarecrow stuff
  57. 57.Arthur Ashe's alma mater
  58. 58.Instrument for Joel or John
  59. 59.Palais Garnier performance
  60. 60.Strike out
  61. 61.Song of joy
  62. 62.It's game
  63. 63.Humdinger
  64. 64.Gift for el 14 de febrero
  65. 65.Damascus is its cap.
  66. 66.Substantial
  67. 67.Make __ of: botch
  68. 68.Cascades peak
  69. 69.Retired flier
  70. 70.Nos. affecting UV exposure
  71. 71.Apprehension
  72. 72.Tab
  73. 73.Pan-fry
  74. 74.Mex. miss
  75. 75.Immigrant's class: Abbr.
  76. 76.Awry
  77. 77.Thumb-and-finger sounds
  78. 78.Perk
  79. 79.Advances
  80. 80.Pinnacle
  81. 81.1984 Peace Nobelist
  82. 82."The Seinfeld Chronicles," e.g.
  83. 83.Allow to fluctuate, as a currency
  84. 84.Nostradamus, e.g.
  85. 85.Handful
  86. 86.Foot in a poem
  87. 87.Breakfast complaint about getting the oolong by mistake?
  88. 88.Tarzan's realm
  89. 89.Laughing gas, familiarly
  90. 90.Reference with rows and columns covering all varieties of a breakfast drink?
  91. 91.Chit
  92. 92."Enigma Variations" composer
  93. 93.Monterey County seat that's the birthplace of John Steinbeck
  94. 94.Johnson of "Laugh-In"
  95. 95.Walk noisily
  96. 96.Wry suggestion at breakfast about what to feed the cat when you're out of milk?
  97. 97.Capital of Switzerland?
  98. 98.Large flying mammal
  99. 99.Not that
  100. 100.Sign of a sloppy breakfast eater?
  101. 101.Gray's "The Progress of Poesy," e.g.
  102. 102.Introduction
  103. 103.Storied Robin Hood target
  104. 104.Floral necklace
  105. 105.Asian nurse
  106. 106."Bingo!"
  107. 107.French Alps river
  108. 108.Jest
  109. 109.Title sitcom bookstore owner
  110. 110.Surgical tube
  111. 111.Blends
  112. 112.One of the Reagans
  113. 113.Believer's antithesis
  114. 114.One may be done from a cliff
  115. 115.Antipasto morsel
  116. 116.Letter before kappa
  117. 117.Like Irving's horseman
  118. 118.Choice group
  119. 119.Alkaline solution
  120. 120.Sundial marking
  121. 121.Somewhat, informally
  122. 122.Baker
  123. 123.Clothes
  124. 124.Clyde cap
  125. 125.Adjoin
  126. 126."Frasier" character
  127. 127.R&B's Boyz II __
  128. 128.Fictional falcon seeker
  129. 129.Damon appears as him in five films
  130. 130.Homer's hangout
  131. 131.Detect
  132. 132.Kind of pool
  133. 133.Ready to pour
  134. 134.Mantegna's "Criminal Minds" role
  135. 135.Atlantic catch
  136. 136.Suggested which breakfast bread to brown?
  137. 137.Crumbled sundae topper
  138. 138.Video store section
  139. 139.Annoying, as a call
  140. 140.Relatively cool heavenly body
  141. 141.Decree
  142. 142.Brain scan letters
  143. 143.Boxer's director

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