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  1. 1.*Divvy up
  2. 2.Ferretlike carnivore
  3. 3.Undivided
  4. 4.Curator's deg
  5. 5.Game with colorful cards
  6. 6.Garlicky mayonnaise
  7. 7.German city that hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics
  8. 8.Luthor of DC Comics
  9. 9.Brain-breaking question
  10. 10.Cab charge
  11. 11."Don't let that woman get away!"
  12. 12.Kitten-lifting spots
  13. 13.*Transformative beauty treatment
  14. 14.Chevrolet that will be discontinued in 2024
  15. 15.Component
  16. 16.Earlier
  17. 17.Important ages
  18. 18.Steak __: bistro dish
  19. 19.Home in the sticks
  20. 20.Bearded spring blooms
  21. 21.__-Mex cuisine
  22. 22."Nuts!"
  23. 23.*Consider carefully
  24. 24.Still-life pitchers
  25. 25.GranTurismo automaker
  26. 26."You __ sweet!"
  27. 27.Saucer-shaped vacuum
  28. 28.Plan of action, as "initially" found in the answers to the starred clues?
  29. 29.Paul of "The Batman"
  30. 30.Jazz great Earl "__" Hines
  31. 31.Surrender, as territory
  32. 32.Take a break
  33. 33.Maytag sister brand
  34. 34.Sandbars
  35. 35.Floor model, e.g
  36. 36.Rae of "Insecure"
  37. 37.Proceeding as planned
  38. 38.Removes soap from
  39. 39.Take in
  40. 40.Goal of much medical research
  41. 41.Napkin corners?
  42. 42.Angry
  43. 43.Stand-up comedian Shaffir
  44. 44.Paperless option for taxpayers
  45. 45.Letters sent in emergencies
  46. 46.*Talk back (to)
  47. 47.Oral health org
  48. 48.Fancy timepieces
  49. 49.Applied to
  50. 50.Run like heck
  51. 51.Intentionally mislead
  52. 52.Chinese: Pref
  53. 53.Fluster
  54. 54.Rowboat blade
  55. 55.Many an email attachment
  56. 56.Celeb who's no longer in the limelight
  57. 57.Intentionally mislead
  58. 58.GOP gp
  59. 59.Bird with a powerful kick
  60. 60.Potato buds
  61. 61.With trepidation
  62. 62.Woeful word
  63. 63.Writer Sir Arthur __ Doyle
  64. 64.Like some beachside homes
  65. 65.__-do-well
  66. 66.Adds to an already full suitcase, say
  67. 67.Tusks, e.g
  68. 68.Big Apple MLB player
  69. 69."That'll be the day!"
  70. 70.Industry honcho
  71. 71.Lambs' moms
  72. 72.Tic-__-toe
  73. 73.Women in __: educational advocacy org
  74. 74.Like a baby with pudding, probably

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The connection between the Los Angeles Times Crosswords and its crossword editor, David Steinberg, goes a long way back. When David was only 15 years of age, he became the youngest published crossword constructor in the reputed daily newspaper. The crosswords published in the news daily are fresh, cryptic and highly challenging for all crossword lovers. The crosswords are free and can be played by anyone who loves to solve these cryptic puzzles. Apart from being published daily in the newspaper, the puzzles are also available on the digital platform of the Los Angeles Times. These puzzles are published at midnight every night or at 9 pm Pacific Standard Time, while the answers to these new crosswords are published a day after the puzzle is published. Once you open the online portal of the newspaper, you simply need to purchase a subscription to lay your hands on the widest range of crosswords, mostly designed and edited by none other than but the youngest crossword constructor in the world and genius, David Steinberg.

The puzzles are available in different difficulty levels, allowing the cruciverbalists to enjoy their time solving these cryptic puzzles with the help of the given clues. The Friday crosswords at LA Times are theme based. Finding the LA Times crossword answers is certainly not a difficult task especially if you are solving them on the online portal, as they offer a Reveal button, located right above the grid to help you find the answer to the crossword box by revealing the solution for the current box, the word or the entire solution. You can also check if your provided answers are correct or not by simply keeping the Error Check Mode, on. Thus, the right answers will appear green while the incorrect LA Times crossword solutions will appear red. Moreover, you can check if the word you have guessed or the letter you just added into the grid for a given clue is right or not by simply choosing the Check button located right above the crossword grid. The incorrect letters or words will appear red, while the correct letters and words will appear green. In short, LA Times offers a very well-managed, designed and constructed crossword grid for all their crossword lovers.

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The LA Times has a completely different section dedicated to games, crosswords and other puzzles that include word search, Sudoku, card games, etc. The crosswords appearing on the platform start from an easy level on Mondays and gradually get difficult as you head towards Sunday. Each day new and fresh crosswords are published in the newspaper daily. However, the Saturday crossword is more challenging and difficult in comparison to the LA Times Sunday crossword puzzle.

Author: David Steinberg and Freelance constructors

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