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  1. 1.Artificial grass
  2. 2."Pray for the Wicked" band __! at the Disco
  3. 3.Longtime NYC punk rock club
  4. 4.Catherine of "Schitt's Creek"
  5. 5.Camp beds
  6. 6.Kitchen job
  7. 7.Fashion icon Apfel
  8. 8.Procure
  9. 9.In the thick of
  10. 10.Forever, seemingly
  11. 11.Checkup
  12. 12.Morehouse, e.g
  13. 13.Pond honker
  14. 14.Uber __
  15. 15.Shed feathers
  16. 16.Church bell sound
  17. 17.Simon & Garfunkel half
  18. 18.Uses Liquid Nails, say
  19. 19.Perfect couple?
  20. 20.Santa's laugh
  21. 21."Calvin and Hobbes," for one
  22. 22."All in the Family" surname
  23. 23.Mobile download
  24. 24.Craters of the Moon locale
  25. 25.Letters before a summary
  26. 26.Scottish no
  27. 27.Holds carefully
  28. 28.Bottom-heavy fruit
  29. 29.Kathryn's "WandaVision" role
  30. 30.Vexation
  31. 31.Telephone no. addition
  32. 32.Large deer
  33. 33.At any point in time
  34. 34.Sportswriter Berkow
  35. 35.Belted out a tune
  36. 36.Married couple?
  37. 37.City north of Memphis
  38. 38.Reservoir creator
  39. 39.Stir up
  40. 40.Ultrasound goo
  41. 41."Aw, what the heck"
  42. 42."Pressure" singer Lennox
  43. 43.Singular events
  44. 44.Ready for a refill
  45. 45.Former Spice Girl who was a judge on "America's Got Talent"
  46. 46.Sonic explosions
  47. 47.Dangles a carrot in front of
  48. 48.Brute
  49. 49.Shrubbery
  50. 50.Many a Monopoly sq
  51. 51.Burnt __
  52. 52.Like Denali, among North American peaks
  53. 53.Rapper Lil __ X
  54. 54.Basic bagel order
  55. 55.Archetypal lab assistant
  56. 56.Cave __
  57. 57.Chicago airport code
  58. 58.Power couple?
  59. 59."Big whoop"
  60. 60.Bullpen aces
  61. 61.Spider-Man player Holland
  62. 62.Not feeling well
  63. 63.Chicago mayor Lightfoot
  64. 64.Kylo of the "Star Wars" sequels
  65. 65.2022 prequel film in the "Predator" franchise
  66. 66.Destinations in some getaway plans?
  67. 67.Olfactory sense
  68. 68.Credit report blot
  69. 69.Collapsed
  70. 70.Situated on
  71. 71.Navigate black diamond slopes
  72. 72.Celebrity couple?
  73. 73.Musée d'Orsay city
  74. 74.Fish tacos fish, on menus
  75. 75.Desierto's lack
  76. 76.Enter one's credentials

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