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  1. 1.Moody music genre
  2. 2.Clean water org
  3. 3.Get too old
  4. 4.Starlike flowers
  5. 5.Attire for a lazy Saturday
  6. 6.Heavy shoe
  7. 7."Yeah, I totally believe you"
  8. 8.*Good find for a traveler on a budget
  9. 9.Molelike mammals
  10. 10.Spanish "other"
  11. 11.*Result of a hockey penalty, often
  12. 12.Furry friend
  13. 13.Aunt, in Spanish
  14. 14.Worrisome engine sound
  15. 15.Garments with underwires
  16. 16.Jump
  17. 17.Hands raised in support, say
  18. 18.Sounds of disapproval
  19. 19.Sam Smith's "__ Me Down"
  20. 20.Repair, as torn clothes
  21. 21.*Primate passenger on a rocket ship
  22. 22.Hairstyles
  23. 23.Restaurant review app
  24. 24."About time!"
  25. 25.High-pitched cry
  26. 26.Tolstoy's "__ Karenina"
  27. 27.Soften, as butter
  28. 28.Falling-out between friends
  29. 29.Dorothy and Toto creator L. Frank __
  30. 30.Antelope's playmate on the range, in song
  31. 31.DDE's WWII command
  32. 32.Baseball hats
  33. 33."The Fox and the Crow" storyteller
  34. 34.Piece of carry-on luggage, and what the answer to each starred clue literally is
  35. 35."Xanadu" band, familiarly
  36. 36.*Field of expertise for corporate attorneys
  37. 37.Fellows
  38. 38.Deep divides
  39. 39.Italian playhouse
  40. 40.Softhearted
  41. 41.Board, as a bus
  42. 42.Gas, to a Brit
  43. 43.40-Down doc
  44. 44.Laundry cycle for a tough stain
  45. 45.62-Across contributor
  46. 46.Meager
  47. 47.Ethyl __: nail polish remover option
  48. 48.High-speed Amtrak trains
  49. 49.Protected, at sea
  50. 50.Georgia's state fruit
  51. 51.Mop (up), as gravy
  52. 52.Had a meal
  53. 53.Vegan protein source
  54. 54.Kite dangler
  55. 55.Mary, Queen of __
  56. 56.Etc. kin
  57. 57.Retired fliers: Abbr
  58. 58.Tehran inhabitant
  59. 59.GPS lines
  60. 60.Like some charity golf tourneys
  61. 61.Class for some HS juniors
  62. 62.Serve a meal to
  63. 63.Tom Cruise film with a "Maverick" sequel
  64. 64.TNT sister station
  65. 65.Curvy letter
  66. 66.Some govt. leaders
  67. 67."__ a dark and stormy night ... "
  68. 68.Scout unit
  69. 69.Nursery arrivals
  70. 70.One part in a hundred
  71. 71.Wolfe of fiction
  72. 72."__, Brute?"
  73. 73.Sip slowly
  74. 74.Helpful inset in some video games

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