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  1. 1.Failure to use tact in a delicate situation?
  2. 2.Large primate
  3. 3.Marathoner's asset
  4. 4.Fathered
  5. 5.World Cup cheer
  6. 6.Fjord, e.g
  7. 7.Nose adornment
  8. 8."Who's a good boy?" reply
  9. 9.Tequila plant
  10. 10.Used (up)
  11. 11.Church niches
  12. 12.TV monitor
  13. 13.Searching for that one lost shoe after a night on the town, e.g.?
  14. 14.Gives a hoot
  15. 15.Pacers of the 1970s, e.g
  16. 16.New law student
  17. 17.Gerontology focus
  18. 18."More than a million Earths can fit inside the sun," e.g.?
  19. 19.Coll. hotshot
  20. 20.Parade of lumber workers?
  21. 21.Frosty accessory
  22. 22.Face of technology
  23. 23.Bro counterpart
  24. 24.Ready-made digital graphics
  25. 25.Half of 9-Down
  26. 26.Unruly bunch
  27. 27.Start carving, as a watermelon
  28. 28.__-Magnon
  29. 29.Rhys who plays Perry Mason
  30. 30.SCOTUS member from 1993 to 2020
  31. 31.Badly mistaken
  32. 32.School support org
  33. 33.Printer-ready manuscript with a signature?
  34. 34.Be convincing
  35. 35.MD-to-be's exam
  36. 36.Cleverness
  37. 37.Title said with a curtsy, perhaps
  38. 38.Say aloud
  39. 39.Take a chance
  40. 40.Skating legend Sonja
  41. 41.Makes the rounds
  42. 42.Memo heading
  43. 43.Bagel spread
  44. 44.Like ready-to-use planks
  45. 45.Support squad
  46. 46.Filmmaker Ephron
  47. 47.Flour for naan and chapati
  48. 48.Phishing fodder: Abbr
  49. 49.Williams of "Grey's Anatomy"
  50. 50.Ear-related
  51. 51.Civil War battle site in Western Maryland
  52. 52.Took off
  53. 53.Joan of __
  54. 54.Compensate
  55. 55.Stark patriarch
  56. 56.Winter of "Modern Family"
  57. 57.Spread here and there
  58. 58.Title said with a curtsy, perhaps
  59. 59.Aussie flock
  60. 60.Grouchy look
  61. 61.Stetson decor
  62. 62.Words to live by
  63. 63.Walled Spanish city
  64. 64.Spanish aunt
  65. 65.Santa Monica landmark
  66. 66.Clear data from
  67. 67.Make it big
  68. 68.Sitcom friend of Jerry and George
  69. 69.Pentagon VIP
  70. 70."Gotta go!"
  71. 71.Shaker fill
  72. 72.Latin years
  73. 73."Insecure" creator/star
  74. 74.Twice 9-Down
  75. 75.Frito-Lay puffs
  76. 76.Bouquet bit
  77. 77.Name on a Chicago cap
  78. 78.Gave up
  79. 79.Gym cushion
  80. 80.First name in stunts
  81. 81."I See Rainbows" artist Yoko
  82. 82.Actress Woodard
  83. 83.Specialized, committee-wise
  84. 84.Florida host of the ReliaQuest Bowl
  85. 85.Hart of wrestling
  86. 86.Sign
  87. 87.Workout focus
  88. 88.__ squad
  89. 89.Civil suit cause
  90. 90.Camp bed
  91. 91.Filmmaker Brooks
  92. 92.Maintains
  93. 93.Work boot feature
  95. 95.Colorful marble
  96. 96.Deli choice
  97. 97.Risky maneuver on a busy highway
  98. 98.Lake Mead creator
  99. 99.Presidential advisory gp
  100. 100.Twice 30-Across
  101. 101.Barely beat
  102. 102.NYC subway org
  103. 103.Winter Olympics ramp
  104. 104.Feed and protect
  105. 105.Heads up
  106. 106.Atty.'s group
  107. 107.Most fresh
  108. 108.R&B singer __ Mai
  109. 109."Won't you let me?"
  110. 110.Saw
  111. 111.Law firm abbr
  112. 112."Miracle on Ice" losing team: Abbr
  113. 113.Tall concert instrument
  114. 114.Superhero wardrobe staples
  115. 115.Great Plains people
  116. 116.Turns inside out
  117. 117.Passports, e.g
  118. 118.Rapper Snoop __
  119. 119.Timely question
  120. 120.Suitable for kite flying, say
  121. 121.Silent actors
  122. 122.Prince in "Frozen"
  123. 123."All of Me" singer Legend
  124. 124.Long-lasting battle
  125. 125.__ on the side of caution
  126. 126.Apt county for Tangerine, Florida
  127. 127.Snake
  128. 128.Song of worship
  129. 129.Equestrian event
  130. 130.Since
  131. 131.Court case brought by an upstanding citizen?
  132. 132.Miffed
  133. 133.Have trouble balancing
  134. 134.Yellow Teletubby
  135. 135.Artist M.C. whose work inspired the art of the game Monument Valley
  136. 136."Out of Africa" writer Isak
  137. 137.Ohio home of the Wright Brothers
  138. 138."Twilight" author Stephenie
  139. 139.__ one's time
  140. 140.Preppy pullover
  141. 141.Home work letters?
  142. 142.Drywall support
  143. 143.Much-loved member of a D.C. squad?
  144. 144.Weekend follower

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The puzzles are available in different difficulty levels, allowing the cruciverbalists to enjoy their time solving these cryptic puzzles with the help of the given clues. The Friday crosswords at LA Times are theme based. Finding the LA Times crossword answers is certainly not a difficult task especially if you are solving them on the online portal, as they offer a Reveal button, located right above the grid to help you find the answer to the crossword box by revealing the solution for the current box, the word or the entire solution. You can also check if your provided answers are correct or not by simply keeping the Error Check Mode, on. Thus, the right answers will appear green while the incorrect LA Times crossword solutions will appear red. Moreover, you can check if the word you have guessed or the letter you just added into the grid for a given clue is right or not by simply choosing the Check button located right above the crossword grid. The incorrect letters or words will appear red, while the correct letters and words will appear green. In short, LA Times offers a very well-managed, designed and constructed crossword grid for all their crossword lovers.

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The LA Times has a completely different section dedicated to games, crosswords and other puzzles that include word search, Sudoku, card games, etc. The crosswords appearing on the platform start from an easy level on Mondays and gradually get difficult as you head towards Sunday. Each day new and fresh crosswords are published in the newspaper daily. However, the Saturday crossword is more challenging and difficult in comparison to the LA Times Sunday crossword puzzle.

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