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  1. 1."Likewise!"
  2. 2.Filmmaker Ethan or Joel
  3. 3.Momentarily
  4. 4.Longings
  5. 5.Unusual instrument in the "1812 Overture"
  6. 6.Granny
  7. 7."Not so fast"
  8. 8.Soccer goal material
  9. 9.Indigo shrub
  10. 10.Swiftie or Belieber
  11. 11.Sour salad green
  12. 12.Prefix with -syncrasy
  13. 13.__ dog
  14. 14.Party game also known as "Werewolf"
  15. 15.Negroni liquor
  16. 16.Drexler who was part of Houston's Phi Slama Jama in the early 1980s
  17. 17.Caesar's final day
  18. 18."Sesame Street" toddler
  19. 19.Writers with good taste, hopefully
  20. 20."Gah!"
  21. 21.Waiting eagerly
  22. 22.Amoxicillin target
  23. 23.Positive spin on a bad situation, or a feature of 20-, 31-, 38-, and 45-Across
  24. 24.Sri Lankans, e.g
  25. 25.Nobelist Wiesel
  26. 26.U2 collaborator Brian
  27. 27.Rabbinical students' goals
  28. 28.Teamwork impediment
  29. 29.Lip __
  30. 30.Presidential advisory gp
  31. 31.One with an easygoing personality
  32. 32."__ queen!"
  33. 33.Mouse with a polka-dotted dress
  34. 34.App store image
  35. 35.Gave an identity
  36. 36."My lips __ sealed"
  37. 37.Last part of a relay
  38. 38."Drivers License" singer Rodrigo
  39. 39.Hybrid or coupe
  40. 40.On a ferry, perhaps
  41. 41.College tour giveaways
  42. 42.Amazon drop-off
  43. 43.Rust color
  44. 44.Congressional hearings airer
  45. 45.Ish
  46. 46.Feline friend
  47. 47.Not sporting home colors
  48. 48.Check for immunity
  49. 49.Coastal inlets
  50. 50.Icy moon of Jupiter
  51. 51.__ Romeo: motorsport brand
  52. 52.Chemical concentration measurement
  53. 53.__ Vegas
  54. 54.Ice cream parlor option
  55. 55.Roman time units
  56. 56.Upsilon neighbor
  57. 57.Wharton who was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
  58. 58.Item that may spruce up empty floor space
  59. 59.Course for a class pres., maybe
  60. 60.Swarming insect
  61. 61.Sweet Sixteen org
  62. 62.Tulum attraction
  63. 63.Roman time unit
  64. 64.Woodsman material, in Oz
  65. 65.Auctioneer's cry
  66. 66.Dachshund's bark
  67. 67."Nearly done ... "
  68. 68.Luau garland
  69. 69.Actress Lansbury
  70. 70.Broadway contender's number
  71. 71.Flanders of Springfield
  72. 72.Netflix genre
  73. 73.Austria's language
  74. 74.In the know
  75. 75.47-Down woman
  76. 76.Conagra cooking spray brand

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