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  1. 1.Adjective on taco truck menus
  2. 2.Dealer's question
  3. 3.Proto-matter of the universe
  4. 4.Cajun staple
  5. 5.Pop singer Brenda
  6. 6.Music service pioneer that merged with Slacker in 2017
  7. 7.Erratic
  8. 8.Sound that gets an exam proctor's attention
  9. 9.Padre's hermana
  10. 10.Spam-revealing aid?
  11. 11.Donkey Kong or King Kong
  12. 12.Medieval Times ride
  13. 13.Beer order at a sushi bar
  14. 14.Moody genre
  15. 15.Kerfuffle
  16. 16.17th-century craze involving bulbs
  17. 17.Strove to achieve
  18. 18.Preceding periods
  19. 19.National Poetry Mo.
  20. 20.Bubble Up sister brand
  21. 21.End of an allergic reaction
  22. 22.Pentathlon equipment
  23. 23.Red state verb
  24. 24.Penultimate prefix
  25. 25.De Matteo of "The Sopranos"
  26. 26."Selma" director DuVernay
  27. 27.Mushroom ends?
  28. 28.Asian cooking ingredient
  29. 29.Latin clarifier
  30. 30.Airport near OAK
  31. 31.Mardi Gras parade-organizing group
  32. 32.What's just not done, to some diners?
  33. 33.Fast-food option
  34. 34.Outlook alternative
  35. 35.Teaching where to go in England?
  36. 36.Wary of
  37. 37.Rhyme $yndicate Records founder
  38. 38."Nevertheless ... "
  39. 39.Staked a claim (on)
  40. 40.Toothed whale's technique
  41. 41.Jan. honoree
  42. 42.Thus far
  43. 43.Hitchcock menace
  44. 44.Blue side: Abbr.
  45. 45."Nebraska" Best Actor nominee
  46. 46."Don't get any __"
  47. 47.Goose that may nest on volcanic ash
  48. 48.Puerto Rico hrs.
  49. 49.Matador's art
  50. 50.Ukr. or Est., once
  51. 51.Wyndham-owned chain
  52. 52.Alexander of "Living Single"
  53. 53.Lid problems
  54. 54.Boston song whose title lyric precedes "We're cookin' tonight"
  55. 55.Dire prophecy
  56. 56.Judicial order
  57. 57.Thing
  58. 58.50s-'60s TV family
  59. 59.Sad
  60. 60.Where the heart is
  61. 61."This comes __ surprise"
  62. 62.Up and at 'em
  63. 63.Quite a journey
  64. 64.Fine fiddle
  65. 65.Arrested
  66. 66.Wine label abbr.
  67. 67.Indulges in to an extreme degree
  68. 68.Commuter's convenience
  69. 69.Pooch living in 2062

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