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  1. 1.Was guilty
  2. 2.Key beside Q
  3. 3.Part of BCE
  4. 4.Blood-curdling cries
  5. 5.Video chat company based in San Jose
  6. 6.Intimidating, unhelpful advice from a coach
  7. 7.Only state capital without a McDonalds
  8. 8.Over
  9. 9.Being green, in a way
  10. 10.Syllable for the Swedish Chef
  11. 11.How book titles should appear when cited, per APA style
  12. 12.Namely
  13. 13.Out of uniform
  14. 14.Actress Davidovich of Gods and Monsters
  15. 15.Hithers counterpart
  16. 16.Subject of TNTs Claws
  17. 17.Model Nordegren once married to Tiger Woods
  18. 18.2001 Lady Marmalade contributor
  19. 19.Game, in French (the plural is heard in Games Without Frontiers)
  20. 20.Society page notation
  21. 21.Memento accessory
  22. 22.Mary Tyler Moore Show actress Georgia
  23. 23.Extra income source, informally
  24. 24.Sink to the bottom
  25. 25.I dont want the issue of Hobbess reality settled by ___ manufacturer: Bill Watterson
  26. 26.Like huge favors
  27. 27.Dispensers with Braille options
  28. 28.Showed disdain for
  29. 29.Word before mirror or humor
  30. 30.A cartoon by Robert ___ (common SNL credit in the 90s)
  31. 31.Legendary bebop trumpeter
  32. 32.Coleridges sacred river
  33. 33.Remove from packaging, a la YouTube videos
  34. 34.Water measures, when mixing condensed soup
  35. 35.Kind of pay or day
  36. 36.Bugs
  37. 37.Part of some fire extinguisher instructions
  38. 38.Wagon wheel track
  39. 39.Items in a self-checkout station question
  40. 40.Org. in TVs The Rookie
  41. 41.Part of an Einsteinian equation
  42. 42.Bishops hat
  43. 43.Tennessee team, for short
  44. 44.How long USPS bulk mail takes to get across the country
  45. 45.Only
  46. 46.Output from Frida Kahlo or Mary Cassatt
  47. 47.Advanced deg
  48. 48.Subside
  49. 49.Hokkaido city known for its beer (and headquarters of Hokkaido Brewing Company)
  50. 50.Movement with a lot of representation?
  51. 51.Abbr. for some Spanish teachers
  52. 52.Halts
  53. 53.Some hosp. scans
  54. 54.Migos rapper who received his high school diploma in 2020 (at age 29)
  55. 55.Vive le ___!
  56. 56.Figure not found in an appellate court
  57. 57.Slapstick projectiles
  58. 58.Manufacturer with a green and yellow logo
  59. 59.Its settled
  60. 60.Exceed
  61. 61.Sidekick and Samurai, for two
  62. 62.Yellow bloomer with a bovine name
  63. 63.Chandelier singer
  64. 64.Library penalty
  65. 65.CPR administrator
  66. 66.Request to ones heart?
  67. 67.Wee drink
  68. 68.Kinda miffed
  69. 69.Cocktail invented in 2020 that can include vodka, gin, honey, Emergen-C, or whatever you feel like drinking
  70. 70.Pleasant feeling, to reggae fans