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  1. 1.Queen say this in farewell to Barcelona as theyre playing the latest tunes for the listeners
  2. 2.Asian holds up papers by university leaders of advisory service
  3. 3.Mouthpiece heading off on horse
  4. 4.A lot dumped by intolerant apprentice
  5. 5.Jaguar cat in ground cover
  6. 6.Ignore old boss working around Rialto
  7. 7.Great shot locally of Bellow by Ward
  8. 8.What The Boss does with requests for Born in the USA, for example
  9. 9.Get going without it for Christmas drink
  10. 10.Turns up Old Nick consumes Oriental starters of Eggs Benedict? Thought so!
  11. 11.Did an about turn as comedian on drugs painted a picture
  12. 12.Scatter mint over top of unremarkable yard - with the right force, itll take over
  13. 13.Cover job for journalist under the influence?
  14. 14.Race to pursue the point of The Church, from the start
  15. 15.Bar for Oasis?
  16. 16.Nearly all of those in 8 down and The Cure produced a treatment synonymous with The Waves
  17. 17.A mountaintop of heather leads to natural spring coming from Wyoming, for example
  18. 18.Miss first train in Clare going to Dublin, as shut up in private meeting
  19. 19.Is it better to rise up or run?
  20. 20.House of Lords leaders party offering to delay
  21. 21.Wild yeast and a fair amount of the pasta flour on view is staring one in the face
  22. 22.Go back and forth with energy in choppy seas approaching start of winter
  23. 23.What one whos good on their feet might be doing in Spartan government
  24. 24.Difference in volume from the magic flute in the back of church
  25. 25.Some of the water on the top of the table is the first one youll see
  26. 26.Demand for DIRT from Direct Tax
  27. 27.Rugged bust or sculpture
  28. 28.Check your lines in advance for catches in lough