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  1. 1.Malta is getting peevish with independent state
  2. 2.A necklace item one lost among the sheets?
  3. 3.One special lunar vehicle? Man provides home for one
  4. 4.Novel listing includes literary pseudonym
  5. 5.Discriminatory treatment, not primarily excellent standard
  6. 6.Isometric exercises? Sexy stuff
  7. 7.Not a member of group possibly facing follow-on?
  8. 8.Possibly release diary - it covers 365 days or so
  9. 9.Awkward customer to toss back endless throws
  10. 10.Annoying child denied first wrong act
  11. 11.Charge lots of directors for advertising material
  12. 12.I should be promoted in duty following a very advanced state of readiness
  13. 13.Caught dancing around, around large witch's accessory?
  14. 14.Rowdy company, somewhat plastered?
  15. 15.Don't allow ghostly coverings, say, with no time for wailing spirits
  16. 16.Dude showing extremes of duplicity
  17. 17.Declining upholstery material if front's absent
  18. 18.Old King, trapped in a US city, in a rage
  19. 19.Happen to get cheers for version under test
  20. 20.Associated with detective, hansom lies mostly free
  21. 21.Meadow hired out after fine bit of advertising
  22. 22.Foolish insinuation, overlooking a new decline?
  23. 23.Afropop in bar, endlessly
  24. 24.Getting old, observes small amount of money, having claimed pension at last
  25. 25.Look at new type of cinema, returning in middle of week
  26. 26.A line in some plan revised feature of dam?
  27. 27.Real German playwright, German, not British
  28. 28.Cumbrian river: pike's last refuge
  29. 29.City, European, swathed in black carpets
  30. 30.Put down a quantity of food
  31. 31.About to be absorbed into the crowd, as they say