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  1. 1.American's behind measures to merge old court
  2. 2.Old platform in church to offer view
  3. 3.Old darts champion on 500 looked cross
  4. 4.Feminist hides sex appeal around car mechanic
  5. 5.Of seven, Eve evicted for the first?
  6. 6.Family cycling by healthy reservoir for dips
  7. 7.Couple, seven of them in Abba's day?
  8. 8.Cast absent, unlucky time for her film
  9. 9.Counting number teeing off, as round starts
  10. 10.Lenient head driving improvement in the summer
  11. 11.See 6
  12. 12.Italian writer printed letters showing local variety
  13. 13.Shiny flake that's sharp externally on fish
  14. 14.Lake in winter, perhaps, child must avoid
  15. 15.Examiner with A4 perhaps ripped, missing name
  16. 16.Robin's nest, one of seven in town?
  17. 17.With desk moved in, Chairman gets by
  18. 18.Insect repellent affected nearly half of hornets
  19. 19.Other half of Thatchers Gold upended - sticky
  20. 20.No point twisting, swapping one for nothing?
  21. 21.Strangely, Taiwan has less contempt of court
  22. 22.Every prince receives introduction to emperor Valerian
  23. 23.Foreign character raised no difficulty enunciating English
  24. 24.Rule of possession if nerds playing footballers
  25. 25.Light before fleet after heading for Longships
  26. 26.Spot spades and policeman by empty grave
  27. 27.Cool attempt to start rally after failure
  28. 28.See 3
  29. 29.Ingrid tries and develops informed investment strategy
  30. 30.See Ritz crackers with more tangy bits
  31. 31.Sprinted collecting a cross - fast, Salah observes?
  32. 32.Swath of countries Rome ruled recalled shame