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  1. 1.Oprah's broadcast reaching new generation - it's an institution
  2. 2.Sport's governing body invested in game - it ought to be playable
  3. 3.Performed slapstick for example - boxing glove not unknown
  4. 4.Go after toys, principally to play with
  5. 5.Every year fashionable society's first to provide great care
  6. 6.Truss getting in to class A drug - make official...
  7. 7.Butcher's closed - accepting fine over a little infection
  8. 8.President hard for Republican to beat
  9. 9.Blue bonnet in Charlotte's infancy? Far from it
  10. 10.Sugar coating skin for old councillor
  11. 11.Firm dates up quickly
  12. 12.Some wheel, silently spinning yarn
  13. 13.1 Across essentially cleared out notorious clubs
  14. 14.Exhausted and surprisingly due to perform first
  15. 15.Jack's vocal part of church
  16. 16.Joking around, with sons instead of daughters, is just touching
  17. 17.Free newspaper replacing page frequently
  18. 18.Cook's bipolar disorder
  19. 19.I must follow awards speeches, initially in mother tongue
  20. 20.... suddenly rush information into court - quite the opposite
  21. 21.Pirate almost at sea, no longer anchored
  22. 22.Shilton catches Maradona's first half cutback, revealing limitation
  23. 23.Every now and then skeptic visits outlet to get meat dish
  24. 24.Supporter's three and out
  25. 25.Soap actor loses lead after advert heard regularly
  26. 26.Using last bit of petrol for power in Biden's car?
  27. 27.Pick up planting at herbaceous border pruned seven times
  28. 28.Conan has book out - relish wanting central character to find the right direction
  29. 29.Suspect smack and, initially, grass
  30. 30.Send clock back