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  1. 1.Piece of music to start to calm jazz fan with touch of anxiety
  2. 2.Very popular article from Spain identifying holiday venue
  3. 3.Prophet penning note: "It's an unfortunate look”
  4. 4.Mark taking control of record store
  5. 5.Degraded state of America, seen by one hunter from Africa
  6. 6.Wet weather in driving area for learner
  7. 7.Lover very keen on receiving revolutionary perfume
  8. 8.Australian picked up call about account involving twelve houses
  9. 9.Extremes of literary talent never reflected in name linked to Bloomsbury
  10. 10.Short article for one sitting in dodgy settee
  11. 11.Nonsense and obscurity about river amphibian
  12. 12.Soccer boss is a long time taking on male title
  13. 13.Province, German territory in Africa
  14. 14.Deity's sound is broadcast around yard
  15. 15.Describing the main area on ice, possibly - cold
  16. 16.Burdened boy with heartache and desperation in the end
  17. 17.The French maidens excited - me?
  18. 18.Symbol of humiliation that could make me, Phi, blue
  19. 19.Haven, old, unchanged
  20. 20.Holidaymaker, perhaps one offering story about endless party
  21. 21.Spiteful comment about rising American composer
  22. 22.Discreet computer material confiscated by cops, except last item
  23. 23.Undistinguished vehicle? Wrong one
  24. 24.Old comic, one noted for how he dresses
  25. 25.I'm doing role at sea? On canal, more likely
  26. 26.Imagine return of commotion after new version one's introduced
  27. 27.Better pound shouldn't feature King?
  28. 28.Trifler late leaving railway worker
  29. 29.Following summer in Marseille, sailors will have supporter for all time
  30. 30.Yelled and ran around, displaying great erudition?
  31. 31.Gentle soul, getting US lawyer for character from Athens
  32. 32.Scottish engineer, vulgar sort, interrupting formal greeting to woman