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  1. 1.Style of dress ends in small size 8
  2. 2.Means of laundering cash, when aiming high?
  3. 3.Very grave case of leprosy
  4. 4.Operations room where available guards are transferred to begin with
  5. 5.Loyal soldier leaving base to avoid training?
  6. 6.Data Romanian sent back contains desired target
  7. 7.This plant's turnover makes phenomenal contribution
  8. 8.Try to contain love's soppy stuff
  9. 9.Put back legal document containing deposit
  10. 10.Number one hit about America?
  11. 11.Hide transfer of large amount backing special honour
  12. 12.Musical composed 32 pieces
  13. 13.Interior designer regularly developed new lines
  14. 14.Replacement of fossil fuels requires years longer to develop
  15. 15.Stomach releasing tense, nervous reactions initially could produce butterflies
  16. 16.6 missing when coming back travelling at the speed of sound
  17. 17.Has-been's admission that makes progress impossible
  18. 18.Ne'er-do-wells perhaps said little after dropping ecstasy
  19. 19.Bank almost deceives punters by concealing weak holding
  20. 20.Lawyer's argument to remove barriers?
  21. 21.Baby originally named by cracking joke
  22. 22.Unknown speaker losing head suggests immaturity
  23. 23.Chap is hungover, but not very drunk
  24. 24.What is required to release 21 workers?
  25. 25.Coffee shop receives fine after distributing legal high
  26. 26.Fantasise about following old man around yard in the morning
  27. 27.Gateway computer's T&C changed and put into unintelligible form
  28. 28.Senior nurses content to pay attention to her?
  29. 29.Establishments that sell better chips
  30. 30."Constructive play" destroying learner's self-confidence