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23-March-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Entertains with lager, perhaps, at some times
  2. 2.Make war on a tree!
  3. 3.Politician's version of "23 Down”
  4. 4.She gives thanks for any enclosure
  5. 5.Rest somewhere on course
  6. 6.When Rosie's mad with us, it's no joke!
  7. 7.Island of strange traumas
  8. 8.Hail tearfully?
  9. 9.Said to be a rough old collar
  10. 10.The only one afoot?
  11. 11.How a runner can blossom
  12. 12.Tell tales about the tardy?
  13. 13.As a headdress, it's wrong for an artist
  14. 14.To abandon stray cats is bad
  15. 15.I left the waiter something for a drink
  16. 16.Can require some heating
  17. 17.The Danes' mountains?
  18. 18.A bad shaking for "32 Across”
  19. 19.The age of wrecked boats?
  20. 20.Started a fire again with a quantity of petrol
  21. 21.Angry with something one may have to bear
  22. 22.He's remarkably happy
  23. 23.Nothing possibly said about a parting word
  24. 24.With money always, turn up and have fun
  25. 25.Like silly talk about a redhead, roughly speaking
  26. 26.It's hard when one is sold out
  27. 27.Such men go far up in the air
  28. 28.Standing like statues lacking a key part?
  29. 29.Used to be cut up!
  30. 30.It has its Geordie side
  31. 31.Baby bread basket
  32. 32.Like the attraction of a moving picture
  33. 33.A policeman, perhaps, if force is used
  34. 34.Flier born to get out of line?
  35. 35.An earl can be shifty, it's true
  36. 36.Outboard propeller!
  37. 37.A bottle you can get into with a can opener!
  38. 38.Mount of berries?
  39. 39.In abrupt style, points out a dodgy dud
  40. 40.The vagabond was let loose outright!
  41. 41.Amusing part of a sitcom, I see
  42. 42.A vegan wouldn't take it away for a bit of a meal
  43. 43.Some talk of smorgasbord
  44. 44.A reduced payment