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  1. 1.Marine creature bringing credit to a seaman
  2. 2.Held forth thunderously
  3. 3.Being on edge, he starts mumbling
  4. 4.The little old king's sign of impatience
  5. 5.Obscurity leads to half the errors
  6. 6.Delivery extra far out
  7. 7.Firing at it, you'll never hit it
  8. 8.I'm half a day with a Muslim leader
  9. 9.Like a glass eye?
  10. 10.Like the tough guy who almost came up to the house
  11. 11.Like a presidential beard, possibly?
  12. 12.A patient task
  13. 13.Nurse Lange, possibly?
  14. 14.He advises men on bad rot
  15. 15.Dance turn Hal's upset about
  16. 16.A drink, but you can snap it like a biscuit!
  17. 17.Mean to go first class to Minehead
  18. 18.Points out some hate is simmering
  19. 19.Plenty of hard biscuit aboard ship!
  20. 20.Engaged in getting riding equipment for the assault
  21. 21.Where the boatman gets badly out of line
  22. 22.Run out of escudos
  23. 23.Get into life's later stages
  24. 24.Nominally a unit
  25. 25.Did they stray from the orphanage?
  26. 26.In Ireland, a girl gets love
  27. 27.In a pious way, I'm reformed by its moralising
  28. 28.It comes later to one in search of illumination
  29. 29.Show an interest in the bar code?
  30. 30.A game of quick decision
  31. 31.One in the past a villain
  32. 32.Is a hard hearted one a competitive newcomer?
  33. 33.A name in patriotism
  34. 34.Of Irish butter?
  35. 35.Bit of a cat
  36. 36.Break into a jumbled mass on the top of the heap
  37. 37.Is she up from the village out West?
  38. 38.Posh emporium?
  39. 39.Give a girl a servile status
  40. 40.Loiter with a low companion
  41. 41.Charles keeps in fetters!
  42. 42.Like Christmas, one imagines
  43. 43.Talk? Yes - to the point!
  44. 44.My rise cannot possibly bring happiness

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Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Authors: The Evening Standard doesn’t have a particular author for the puzzles, rather they have freelance constructors contributing to it.

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Answers

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