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  1. 1.They may play football on the side
  2. 2.It's not this that's unfair
  3. 3.Customers having a change of heart in Cowes
  4. 4.Brentford players, all six-footers
  5. 5.Little Ronald has a horse
  6. 6.Briefly brilliant, shrewd, but just about burnt out
  7. 7.Inspected without good reason
  8. 8.Like luck, it can be hard
  9. 9.City hair-style of consuming interest
  10. 10.Not, in itself, the whole caboodle?
  11. 11.Payment for motley crews
  12. 12.Many possibly seen as stupid
  13. 13.Presumably the wettest of the planets?
  14. 14.The team to win about 40% of games?
  15. 15.At church, always, it may have a leader
  16. 16.Squashed melon?
  17. 17.Credit us with a fast finish, though it's hard
  18. 18.How to maintain a career on the road
  19. 19.Abrade the cuffs?
  20. 20.Times when only small letters will do
  21. 21.Anti-tank giant?
  22. 22.Ian's own?
  23. 23.Cuts, I see, in less pieces
  24. 24.Practitioner needing to perform with a clear head
  25. 25.Period of sinister activity
  26. 26.Steal from the station
  27. 27.Fight with chestnut stakes?
  28. 28.He's randomly concerned with lucky numbers
  29. 29.Held up by a railway in the country
  30. 30.Fashionable part of Chicago
  31. 31.Extremely long sort of year!
  32. 32.It's been mispronounced
  33. 33.He's in port
  34. 34.Focal point of recent agitation
  35. 35.Old-fashioned chair in current use
  36. 36.It's slow to glide round the end of the garden
  37. 37.That of always wearing one hat out of two?
  38. 38.The natural breaking down of proteins?
  39. 39.Vessel needed twice for the return journey
  40. 40.Navigational aid both ways
  41. 41.A really good reminder that Christmas is coming
  42. 42.Backers, it seems, are our superiors
  43. 43.Pay some more money for it
  44. 44.Rest during ski practice

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Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Authors: The Evening Standard doesn’t have a particular author for the puzzles, rather they have freelance constructors contributing to it.

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Answers

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