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  1. 1.Bring to bear on a former royal titular head
  2. 2.Name just one vehicle
  3. 3.A climber, being a sort of nut
  4. 4.Is she the wrong side of forty?
  5. 5.Managed to get two points out of nothing!
  6. 6.One immersed in the part of 'Sir Bedivere'?
  7. 7.It has a repetitive cry
  8. 8.Like the prophesies of Mother Shipton
  9. 9.Tempestuous tale about James Bond's boss
  10. 10.Good food and drink will always buck you up
  11. 11.Of Irish butter?
  12. 12.In port, perhaps, an American writer
  13. 13.A singular thing to ride
  14. 14.Abstract, in a sense
  15. 15.Some of the sloppiest food?
  16. 16.At the end of August, the house is overheated
  17. 17.Something to do with gum
  18. 18.Can you get shot for writing one?
  19. 19.Just one is not very electrifying
  20. 20.Provide what's lacking when the referee gets sick
  21. 21.Turn up with a growl, yet seem pleased
  22. 22.Tiny fragments of piano pieces
  23. 23.Take in interpretive view
  24. 24.Quick to adjust a veil
  25. 25.The place for a dog?
  26. 26.You can expect one to change colour often
  27. 27.Gregory's own self
  28. 28.It's not this that's so emphatic!
  29. 29.The kiddies may think him a knockout!
  30. 30.Something you require when heartlessly nettled
  31. 31.Frighten the milk provider
  32. 32.For something to eat, see the next page
  33. 33.Darted around doing business?
  34. 34.Figure to draw a plant
  35. 35.Flocks said to be seen in gardens
  36. 36.Get a loan from George
  37. 37.Lived in Iowa somewhere
  38. 38.In America, generally, it's barred
  39. 39.The indigenous people's reduced alternatives
  40. 40.Spiteful woman perhaps said to be after Bob
  41. 41.Cough, and pass me up a letter
  42. 42.A mug's drink, largely?
  43. 43.To dad, the old tax system
  44. 44.You've never seen this king with a tattered robe on

About the Evening Standard Cryptic Crosswords:

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Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Authors: The Evening Standard doesn’t have a particular author for the puzzles, rather they have freelance constructors contributing to it.

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Answers

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