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  1. 1.Paid the bill for the Bill?
  2. 2.Possibly holy commands?
  3. 3.Club motorist?
  4. 4.Are such images good and black?
  5. 5.Youngsters need a smaller music centre
  6. 6.Smacks, or possibly nips
  7. 7.Music to peer at, possibly
  8. 8.Wine that goes with cake
  9. 9.Prophet who reformed some dipsomaniacs
  10. 10.A popular success in Wichita
  11. 11.Being angry, he breaks a date
  12. 12.One packing up pugilism?
  13. 13.That erotic immortal
  14. 14.To deceive the church head is to do wrong
  15. 15.A drink to jump at, maybe?
  16. 16.She's entitled to swill mead
  17. 17.Counted on getting dope treatment at Crouch End
  18. 18.South American meat product
  19. 19.Wander off, turning on the light
  20. 20.To a hothead, is she a plaything?
  21. 21.Fathead much upset over a poor start
  22. 22.The complaint of a person possessing nothing
  23. 23.Statuettes with zero blemishes
  24. 24.States further that hundreds are in sad disarray
  25. 25.One bad thing is to get a broken leg
  26. 26.A 'Division 1' singer
  27. 27.The sense to take a little water with it
  28. 28.Being motherly makes little material difference
  29. 29.Rarely producing new models
  30. 30.By showing a degree of superiority
  31. 31.Passed one letter, then two
  32. 32.Worth starting up during the depression
  33. 33.Was secretive about some outlandish ideas
  34. 34.Recuperate, we gather
  35. 35.Where, in Ireland, love comes to blossom
  36. 36.His patients don't talk
  37. 37.Like feelings of confusion?
  38. 38.Stop Hank starting trouble!
  39. 39.Abusive, possibly rash after a hasty start
  40. 40.Romeo's after a woman, always
  41. 41.Stick to imitation gems
  42. 42.Old model car, much corroded but considered reliable

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Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Authors: The Evening Standard doesn’t have a particular author for the puzzles, rather they have freelance constructors contributing to it.

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Answers

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