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  1. 1.Tell
  2. 2.Ease of speaking, as a language
  3. 3.Serenity
  4. 4.Sun. talk
  5. 5."Rubber Capital”
  6. 6.Dutch painter Jan
  7. 7.Biol. or chem.
  8. 8.MSN alternative
  9. 9.Sandy shade
  10. 10."Papa” of classical music
  11. 11.Convened
  12. 12.Popular payment app
  13. 13.— kwon do
  14. 14.Wears away
  15. 15."Inferno” author
  16. 16.Prefix with byte
  17. 17.Set afire
  18. 18.Tooth problem
  19. 19.Resumes
  20. 20.Prima donnas
  21. 21.Half of dos
  22. 22.Toys on strings
  23. 23.Chekhov's "— Sisters”
  24. 24.Soccer's Hamm
  25. 25.Vegas area
  26. 26.Propriety
  27. 27.Sock pattern
  28. 28.Homer's cry
  29. 29.Activist Chavez
  30. 30.British ref. work
  31. 31.Aachen article
  32. 32."Strange as it seems ...”
  33. 33.Pooh's mopey pal
  34. 34.SSW opposite
  35. 35.Agent
  36. 36.Starting lineup?
  37. 37.Rainbow-shaped
  38. 38.Pliant
  39. 39.Lawn material
  40. 40.Honor
  41. 41.Prefix with meter
  42. 42.Rushmore face
  43. 43.Classic car
  44. 44.Poker type
  45. 45.Perfectly timed
  46. 46.A Bobbsey twin
  47. 47.Pressing need
  48. 48.Ninnies
  49. 49.Strength
  50. 50.Yoga pad
  51. 51.PC picture
  52. 52.Dr. McGraw
  53. 53.Block
  54. 54.Strictness
  55. 55.— Cruz Kayne of "Barbie”
  56. 56.Scepter
  57. 57.Tale teller
  58. 58.Eggs on
  59. 59."Old MacDonald” letters
  60. 60.Roman 1052
  61. 61.Conk out
  62. 62.Brazilian city
  63. 63."Big Blue”
  64. 64.Sutherland of "24”

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