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  1. 1.Choir voices
  2. 2.Chinese tea
  3. 3."Platoon” locale
  4. 4.Chum
  5. 5.Corridor
  6. 6.Extra-long
  7. 7.Sci-fi visitor
  8. 8.Suitable
  9. 9.Grad
  10. 10.Rushmore face
  11. 11.Small plateau
  12. 12.Ballot marks
  13. 13.Short-form video-sharing app
  14. 14."— boy!”
  15. 15.Motorist's org.
  16. 16.Harbor arrival
  17. 17.Extreme dishonor
  18. 18.Timetable abbr.
  19. 19.Abba of Israel
  20. 20.Astronaut Armstrong
  21. 21.Banshee's cry
  22. 22.Small chicken
  23. 23."Scram!”
  24. 24.Pop's mate
  25. 25.Colleen
  26. 26.Highland hat
  27. 27.Beta follower
  28. 28.Grassy area
  29. 29.Aspiring atty.'s exam
  30. 30.Invoice fig.
  31. 31.Persian Gulf land
  32. 32.Hebrew month
  33. 33.Former Mideast org.
  34. 34.Oklahoma tribe
  35. 35.Goat's plaint
  36. 36.Plow pullers
  37. 37.Pull on
  38. 38.Pinta's companion
  39. 39.Misfortunes
  40. 40."Troy” actor Brad
  41. 41.World Cup cheer
  42. 42.Occasionally
  43. 43.Actress Ward
  44. 44.Angelic light
  45. 45.Bangkok cuisine
  46. 46.Bogus
  47. 47.Tide variety
  48. 48.Authentic
  49. 49.Creep
  50. 50.Chopping tool
  51. 51.Very close, as a race
  52. 52.MSNBC rival
  53. 53.Toast toppings
  54. 54."Superfood” berry
  55. 55.Rue the run
  56. 56.Quarrels
  57. 57.Slowpokes
  58. 58.Division word
  59. 59.Aliases
  60. 60."— Believer”
  61. 61.Part of Hispaniola
  62. 62.NBC sketch show
  63. 63.Use a shovel
  64. 64.Like a teddy bear

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