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  1. 1.Young bloke
  2. 2.Prom dress
  3. 3.Previously
  4. 4.Firmament
  5. 5.NASCAR sponsor
  6. 6."Today” rival, briefly
  7. 7.Barbecue site
  8. 8.Convinces
  9. 9.Tennis great Arthur
  10. 10.Port of Nigeria
  11. 11.Collection
  12. 12.Donut coating
  13. 13.Like Enya's music
  14. 14.Check recipient
  15. 15.Throat affliction
  16. 16.Food fish
  17. 17.Shoe width
  18. 18.Female rabbit
  19. 19.Takeout order?
  20. 20.Japanese instrument
  21. 21.Asian language
  22. 22.Fish-fowl link
  23. 23.Club —
  24. 24.Patch target
  25. 25.Pampering, for short
  26. 26.Yellowstone grazer
  27. 27.From — Z
  28. 28."— Lisa”
  29. 29.Droops
  30. 30.Mao — -tung
  31. 31.Popeye's Olive
  32. 32."You saved me!”
  33. 33.— Moines
  34. 34.Rim
  35. 35.Mouths (Lat.)
  36. 36.Excavated
  37. 37.Take as one's own
  38. 38.Witch
  39. 39.Map key
  40. 40.Coral formation
  41. 41.Financial pro
  42. 42.Daily Planet reporter Kent
  43. 43."Oops!”
  44. 44.Composer Joplin
  45. 45.Alpha's opposite
  46. 46.Adobe file format
  47. 47.Book of maps
  48. 48."Veep” airer
  49. 49.HIV-treating drug
  50. 50.Many a Billie Eilish fan
  51. 51.Warded (off)
  52. 52.Caviar
  53. 53.Garbage
  54. 54.Ltr. holder
  55. 55.Ovum
  56. 56.Site of ancient Greek games
  57. 57.Ice cream variety
  58. 58.Yucatan "Bravo!”
  59. 59."Well, I never!”
  60. 60.Hot temper
  61. 61.Wedding setting
  62. 62.Prohibit
  63. 63.Maine college town
  64. 64.Texas landmark
  65. 65.Record book suffix
  66. 66.Wray of "King Kong”

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