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  1. 1."Morning Edition” airer
  2. 2.Twist dry
  3. 3.Austen novel
  4. 4.Historic time
  5. 5.Sounds of hesitation
  6. 6.Choice words?
  7. 7.Campus bigwig
  8. 8.Universal
  9. 9.Fish eggs
  10. 10.Umps
  11. 11.Onion variety
  12. 12.1504, in old Rome
  13. 13.Pepper dispenser
  14. 14."The buck stops here” monogram
  15. 15.Apple computer
  16. 16.Curator's focus
  17. 17.Impetuous
  18. 18.Male children
  19. 19.Erik of "CHiPs”
  20. 20.Daring deeds
  21. 21.Mother of Helios
  22. 22.Japanese "yes”
  23. 23.Summer in Arles
  24. 24.Zilch
  25. 25.Deep hole
  26. 26.Cable company device
  27. 27.Bridge coup
  28. 28."Friends” friend
  29. 29.Acute
  30. 30."Zounds!”
  31. 31.Fire sign?
  32. 32.Mexican entree
  33. 33.Philanthropist Gates
  34. 34.Mentalist's gift
  35. 35.Sashimi fish
  36. 36.Alike (Fr.)
  37. 37.Little lie
  38. 38.Picnic interlopers
  39. 39.Soft leather
  40. 40.Earth Day mo.
  41. 41.Metric weight
  42. 42.Equine comment
  43. 43.Roman emperor
  44. 44.Others (Lat.)
  45. 45.Sailor
  46. 46."Didn't I tell you?”
  47. 47."— Way” (Sinatra biography)
  48. 48.Frozen drink brand
  49. 49.Sofa brand
  50. 50."Alley —”
  51. 51."Huh?
  52. 52.Motor homes
  53. 53.Preprandial prayer
  54. 54.Battery-powered two-wheelers
  55. 55.Part of Q.E.D.
  56. 56.Mineral suffix
  57. 57.Latin 101 word
  58. 58.Desire
  59. 59.In — (shortly)
  60. 60.City near Oakland
  61. 61.Tire
  62. 62.Billboards
  63. 63.Spanish estate house
  64. 64."The Bathers” painter
  65. 65.Use a shovel
  66. 66.Yale students

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