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  1. 1.Actress Ryan known for "Sleepless in Seattle"
  2. 2.Symbolic warning
  3. 3.Audiophile's collection: Abbr.
  4. 4.City near Lake Tahoe
  5. 5.Organization with the Patriots and Steelers: Abbr.
  6. 6.Young bear
  7. 7."True Detective" airer: Abbr.
  8. 8.Settle into a chair
  9. 9.Hairstyle or burger requirement
  10. 10.Rosary carrier in a convent
  11. 11."___ so serious?" (The Joker's catchphrase)
  12. 12.Walk-___ (some spacious closets)
  13. 13.Wheel or gear tooth
  14. 14."___ dokie!" ("Alright")
  15. 15.Beach shade?
  16. 16.Yukon ___, potato variety that is known for its eye-free skin
  17. 17."A" in NATO, for short
  18. 18.Cheap counterfeit
  19. 19.Well-suited, as advice
  20. 20.Homer Simpson's neighbor
  21. 21.Woodwind instrument in the orchestra
  22. 22.Beach makeup
  23. 23.Coyote's coat
  24. 24.Faux ___
  25. 25.Potato type with orange flesh that is used in Southern pies
  26. 26.___ belt (car safety feature)
  27. 27."Just a little ___" (a tad)
  28. 28.Remind again and again
  29. 29.Have possession of
  30. 30.Salty water body that can be "Red" or "Dead"
  31. 31.Of reasonable mind
  32. 32.Bar staple, for short
  33. 33.Benedict or Omelet essential
  34. 34.Word paired with "neither"
  35. 35.Volcanic fallout
  36. 36.Dubai's country: Abbr.
  37. 37.Potato type with brown skin that McDonald's uses for its signature fries
  38. 38.Custom-___ (tailored)
  39. 39.Hawaiian stringed instrument, for short
  40. 40.Adirondack ___, "colored" potato variety that was bred by Cornell University students
  41. 41.Motor oil organization: Abbr.
  42. 42.Final, for short
  43. 43.Pepsi container
  44. 44.Solo who has a Wookiee sidekick
  45. 45.Fishes may get caught in one
  46. 46.Beauty's fairy tale housemate?
  47. 47.Mail delivery status
  48. 48.Wild Wild direction?
  49. 49.Knife's sharp side
  50. 50."Uno, ___, tres"
  51. 51.Tiny green sphere found in soup
  52. 52.___ in stone (unchangeable)
  53. 53.Shrek, e.g.
  54. 54.Compact ___ (digital storage option)
  55. 55.___ Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
  56. 56.Braying animal
  57. 57.Grazing grassland
  58. 58.Second-last letter, phonetically
  59. 59.Medicinal herb that sounds wise
  60. 60.Pass, as a law
  61. 61.Gmail predecessor: Abbr.
  62. 62.Spider trap
  63. 63.Santa's pointy-eared helper
  64. 64.Potato variety known for its small size and tender texture, often used in salads and served as a side dish
  65. 65.___ Motor Car Company (Speed Wagon's company)
  66. 66."___ whiz!"
  67. 67.___ Stark ("Game of Thrones" character)
  68. 68.Digits required when making a card purchase: Abbr.
  69. 69."E Pluribus ___" (traditional U.S. motto)
  70. 70.Make money

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