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  1. 1.Organization concerned with toothaches: Abbr.
  2. 2.Puzzle solver's aid
  3. 3.Bar serving, for short
  4. 4.Ounces and ounces, for short
  5. 5."Key" follower to mean a pie flavor
  6. 6.___ tai (rhyming cocktail)
  7. 7.Take one's breath away
  8. 8.Snake in Cleopatra's history
  9. 9.Garbage destination
  10. 10.Bundle of hay
  11. 11."___ Men" (sitcom starring Jon Hamm)
  12. 12.Mother's Day month
  13. 13.Purple berry in a smoothie
  14. 14.Have bills left to pay, say
  15. 15.Prefix with "graphy" or "metry"
  16. 16.___ Wilder, "Blazing Saddles" actor
  17. 17.Keanu Reeves's role in "The Matrix"
  18. 18.Mary's little follower?
  19. 19.Connecting site for bones
  20. 20."Dies ___" (Latin poem)
  21. 21.Fries or mashed potatoes, for one
  22. 22.Breezing through, as an exam
  23. 23.Milk, in a French cafe
  24. 24.Bartender for "The Simpsons"
  25. 25.Go downhill, say
  26. 26."Such a pity" cry
  27. 27.Fish appendage
  28. 28.Actress's workplace
  29. 29.Title bestowed by the Queen
  30. 30.Tia and ___ Mowry, twin actresses who play the sisters separated at birth in "Sister, Sister"
  31. 31."Bravo!" at a soccer match
  32. 32.Sound heard during a haircut
  33. 33.Addition sign
  34. 34.___ Johnson, comedian on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"
  35. 35.___ of faith
  36. 36.Circular roller coaster feature
  37. 37.Glide, like a bird of prey
  38. 38."___ on a happy face"
  39. 39.___ Tanner, DJ Tanner's younger sister in the sitcom "Full House," played by Jodie Sweetin
  40. 40.Anna's elder sister in the film "Frozen," voiced by Idina Menzel
  41. 41.Critical hospital ward: Abbr.
  42. 42."Born in the ___" (Springsteen hit)
  43. 43.Cupful served with crumpets, perhaps
  44. 44.Down Under country, for short
  45. 45."___ to the point!"
  46. 46.Chinese food additive: Abbr.
  47. 47.Golf standard
  48. 48.Avoid honesty, say
  49. 49.Fireplace wood
  50. 50.Thor's father
  51. 51.Charged particle
  52. 52.Warm up, as food
  53. 53.Line that sounds like a letter
  54. 54.___ Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet's elder sister in the film "Pride & Prejudice," played by Rosamund Pike
  55. 55.___ Everdeen, Primrose Everdeen's elder sister in "The Hunger Games" trilogy, played by Jennifer Lawrence
  56. 56.___ Banks, Hilary Banks's younger sister in the sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," played by Tatyana Ali
  57. 57.Website help section: Abbr.
  58. 58.Letter with a twisty shape
  59. 59.Feeling no pain
  60. 60.Gigi Hadid or Bella Hadid, e.g.
  61. 61.Coca-Cola's competitor
  62. 62.Ring, as a bell (anagram of "pale")
  63. 63.Jacob's biblical twin
  64. 64.___ Gala, event whose theme in 2022 was "Gilded Glamour"
  65. 65.Ride a bike, say
  66. 66.Granola tidbit
  67. 67.Actress Taylor-Joy of "The Queen's Gambit"

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