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  1. 1.Mythical goat-man that sounds like "fawn"
  2. 2.Horror novel by Bram Stoker released on 26 May 1897 that features a Count as a vampire
  3. 3."___ Hot to Handle" (Netflix reality series)
  4. 4.Marriage-confirming words:
  5. 5.Small amount (anagram of "bird")
  6. 6.Distort, as data
  7. 7.Woolly "baa baa" mama
  8. 8.Tiny charge-carrying particle
  9. 9.Strange or unusual
  10. 10."Rome ___ not built in a day"
  11. 11.Washer's partner, in the laundry room
  12. 12.2005 novel by Stephenie Meyer featuring vampires that was adapted into a film series starring Robert Pattinson
  13. 13.Thor's father, in Norse myth
  14. 14."The Pale ___," 1849 horror story by Alexandre Dumas that features vampires
  15. 15."___ with the Vampire," 1976 gothic horror novel by Anne Rice that was adapted into a film starring Brad Pitt
  16. 16.Indonesian vacation island
  17. 17.Pacific or Arctic, e.g.
  18. 18."Braveheart" actor ___ Gibson
  19. 19.___ Stark, Sean Bean's "Game of Thrones" character
  20. 20.Painter and TV host Bob ___
  21. 21.Make alterations to, as a text
  22. 22.American comedian ___ Philips
  23. 23.Tattoo artist's need
  24. 24.Villain in a storybook, maybe
  25. 25.By oneself, as during a trip
  26. 26.Opposite of "profit"
  27. 27.Right this instant
  28. 28.Vito Corleone's title
  29. 29.Robin ___, outlaw of folklore
  30. 30.Lima's land and llama land
  31. 31.Boxer Muhammad ___ who perfected the "rope-a-dope" technique
  32. 32.Do a laundry chore
  33. 33."Sense and Sensibility" director Lee
  34. 34.Shaped like an avocado
  35. 35.Dozes off for a while
  36. 36.Cardinal ___, one of a deadly seven
  37. 37.Most admired, in chat room slang
  38. 38.Null and ___ (no longer valid)
  39. 39."I'm gonna make ___ an offer he can't refuse!"
  40. 40.To and ___ (back and forth)
  41. 41.Started a poker pot
  42. 42."I can't ___!" (teenager's exclamation, maybe)
  43. 43.Great misery
  44. 44.Punch reaction, in comics
  45. 45.Come out on top, as in a race
  46. 46.Nevada casino city near Lake Tahoe
  47. 47."Frailty, ___ name is woman!" ("Hamlet" line)
  48. 48.LA Lakers' league: Abbr.
  49. 49."Never Have I ___" (party game)
  50. 50.___ Maiden, English heavy metal band
  51. 51.Bard of ___ (Shakespeare's title)
  52. 52."Not Dead Yet" actress Rodriguez
  53. 53.Fit of irritation (anagram of "tins")
  54. 54.Fix, as a fence
  55. 55.The first "A" in AKA
  56. 56.Snatch suddenly
  57. 57.Osaka resident's currency
  58. 58."I Am ___," 1954 horror novel by Richard Matheson featuring vampires that was adapted into a film starring Will Smith
  59. 59.Actress Longoria of "Desperate Housewives"
  60. 60."Price is negotiable," in ads: Abbr.
  61. 61.2011 animated film about a blue macaw
  62. 62.Operate, as a yacht
  63. 63."___ with caution" (instruction on heavy machinery, perhaps)
  64. 64.Organization with a "Most Wanted" list: Abbr.
  65. 65.Chief of ___ (prestigious White House position)
  66. 66."'Salem's ___," 1975 horror novel by Stephen King featuring vampires that was adapted into a miniseries starring David Soul
  67. 67."Back in Black" rock band

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