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  1. 1.Mike and ___ (fruity candy)
  2. 2.After-bath wear
  3. 3.What "stat!" means, at hospitals
  4. 4."Birds ___ feather flock together":
  5. 5.Omega, in a physics equation
  6. 6.___-stick frying pan
  7. 7.Hundred percent
  8. 8.At the peak of
  9. 9.Half a cocktail?
  10. 10.___-it, brand that's become synonymous with sticky notes
  11. 11.Teen's skin blemish, slangily
  12. 12.Genre for Shawn Mendes or Katy Perry
  13. 13.Rare blood type: Abbr.
  14. 14.Taxi charge, say
  15. 15.Fracture-finding scan: Hyph.
  16. 16.___ and don'ts
  17. 17.Cotton-swab brand that's become synonymous with ear cleaners: Hyph.
  18. 18.Popular elevator maker
  19. 19.Little mischief-maker, like "Dennis the Menace"
  20. 20.First ___ kit
  21. 21.Roman goddess of peace
  22. 22.Spanish for "one"
  23. 23.Fasten, as shoelaces
  24. 24.Yellowstone grazer also known as a wapiti
  25. 25."By This River" musician Brian ___
  26. 26.Penny pincher
  27. 27.More than a few
  28. 28.The "m" in Einstein's famous equation
  29. 29.Just short?
  30. 30.Mother, affectionately
  31. 31.Orange muppet from "Sesame Street" who is Bert's partner
  32. 32.Billie ___ King, tennis champion
  33. 33.Lie ___ (go into hiding)
  34. 34.Gym goer's tallies, for short
  35. 35."___ Dancing" (1987 rom-com)
  36. 36.Words exchanged with rings?:
  37. 37.Follow, as orders
  38. 38."Because I ___ so!"
  39. 39.___ pressure (group influence)
  40. 40.U.N.'s social justice group: Abbr.
  41. 41.As ___ as an owl
  42. 42.Tiny diaper wearer
  43. 43.Actress Paquin or Kendrick
  44. 44.Primary or central
  45. 45.Puppy's foot
  46. 46.Equipment for camping, say
  47. 47.Santa ___, Californian city founded by William H. Spurgeon in 1869
  48. 48.Show ___ (entertainment industry, informally)
  49. 49.Leave, as one's job
  50. 50.Plant's flower holder
  51. 51.Bread choice
  52. 52.Boise's state, for short
  53. 53.Copy machine manufacturer that's become synonymous with photocopying
  54. 54.Steely ___, rockers with over 40 million albums sold
  55. 55.Sacred promise
  56. 56.Point at a target
  57. 57.Florence's country
  58. 58.Dirt in a puddle
  59. 59.___ Sutcliffe popularly known as the "Fifth Beatle"
  60. 60.Hawaiian tuna, often served seared
  61. 61.Spouse's mom, say: Abbr.
  62. 62."Okay, you can stop oversharing now!" in text: Abbr.
  63. 63.Have a craving for, say
  64. 64.Gelatin-based dessert brand that's become synonymous with fruit-flavored gels: Hyph.
  65. 65.School support group that organizes events: Abbr.
  66. 66.Heavy reading?
  67. 67.___ Lilly (pharmaceutical giant)
  68. 68.Apple's tablet with Air and Pro varieties
  69. 69.___-Aid, brand that's become synonymous with adhesive bandages

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