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  1. 1.Irritate immensely
  2. 2.___ talk (high spirited speech)
  3. 3.Chinese spiritual "path"
  4. 4."House of the Dragon" network: Abbr.
  5. 5."She" in Portuguese
  6. 6.Flightless Aussie bird
  7. 7.Black ___ Peas, "Pump It" musical group who performed at the 2011 Super Bowl Halftime show
  8. 8.Prefix with "drama" to mean exaggerated
  9. 9.Speed ___ (mobile phone feature)
  10. 10.Egg hatcher
  11. 11.Dance move that depicts a sneezing hygiene
  12. 12.Sleeve filler
  13. 13."___ La Vida," song by Coldplay
  14. 14.Make a tight fist
  15. 15."I ___ Fine" (song by The Beatles)
  16. 16.Cooking utensil
  17. 17."That's a ___" ("That's for sure")
  18. 18.Adidas product
  19. 19.Wide-mouthed wonder
  20. 20.Keg fixture
  21. 21."___ Take My Eyes Off You," song by Frankie Valli
  22. 22.Spider-Man's aunt
  23. 23."The Godfather" Actress Keaton
  24. 24."32 Flavors" singer DiFranco
  25. 25.Duck's hangout
  26. 26."Crazy in Love" singer who performed at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime show
  27. 27."Lose Yourself" rapper who performed at the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime show
  28. 28.Half-___ ("mourning" flag position)
  29. 29.State-controlling administrative group, for short
  30. 30.Navigator's sheet
  31. 31.Bard's "previously"
  32. 32.Simba's chamber, perhaps
  33. 33.Messenger molecule: Abbr.
  34. 34."___ to the World"
  35. 35.Environmental activist Brockovich
  36. 36."___ an eye out..."
  37. 37.___-tickler (funny)
  38. 38."Have ___ at it!": ("try it")
  39. 39."Bonjour, mes ___!" ("Hello, my friends!" in French)
  40. 40.Cape wearer in a movie, perhaps
  41. 41.Obtain temporarily
  42. 42.Start from scratch
  43. 43.Writer Dahl of "Matilda"
  44. 44.Yellow rental vehicle
  45. 45.Crux of the matter
  46. 46.Similar sort
  47. 47.Response to "how're you?" perhaps:
  48. 48.___ Dogg, "Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper who performed at the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime show
  49. 49.Scotland's "young fellow"
  50. 50."Me ___ You," Jojo Moyes novel
  51. 51.___-minded (forgetful)
  52. 52.Lady ___, "Bad Romance" singer who performed at the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime show
  53. 53.Desktop's clickable symbol
  54. 54.Alias initials
  55. 55."___ of Glamis," Macbeth's title
  56. 56.What headphones aim to "cancel"
  57. 57.Garden where Adam and Eve met
  58. 58.Mind that can be "a devil's workshop"
  59. 59.___-and-found
  60. 60.Carbon dating measure
  61. 61."All the ___"
  62. 62.Neighbor of Homer Simpson
  63. 63.Prefix with "practice" or "ware"
  64. 64.___ Rock, "All Summer Long" singer who performed at the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show
  65. 65."The ___ Hatter" (2021 film)
  66. 66.Actress Aniston, to her fans

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