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  1. 1."Once ___ a time..."
  2. 2.Have a quick bite (anagram of "hons")
  3. 3.Confer knighthood on
  4. 4.Legendary Himalayan snowman
  5. 5.Smoothie berry pronounced as "ah-sigh-ee"
  6. 6.Olympian's prize
  7. 7.Shoemaker's tool
  8. 8.Tailless primate in a sanctuary, say
  9. 9.___ Underwood, "Hallelujah" singer who has won 17 AMAs as of 2023
  10. 10.Actress Reinhart of "Riverdale"
  11. 11.Red snapper, on a sushi menu
  12. 12.Lion's little one
  13. 13."Talking ___ & Friends" (animated sitcom)
  14. 14.___ Rogers, "The Gambler" singer who has won 19 AMAs
  15. 15.Columbus' state that takes its name from a river
  16. 16.Response that means "Count me in!"
  17. 17.Color of honey
  18. 18.To-do list entry
  19. 19.Mount ___, active volcano in Italy
  20. 20.Not crazy
  21. 21.Deep distress or heartache, say
  22. 22.Bring up, as a child
  23. 23.Feel off-color
  24. 24.Childhood nickname for Darth Vader
  25. 25.Device with a record button, for short
  26. 26."Umbrella" and "Good Girl Gone Bad" singer who has won 13 AMAs as of 2023
  27. 27.Starchy tuber
  28. 28.Jam and jelly's holder
  29. 29.Alpha follower, in the Greek alphabet
  30. 30.Second-largest U.S. state, for short
  31. 31.Tough ___ to crack
  32. 32.Google ___, Zoom alternative
  33. 33."Able was I ___ I saw Elba" (palindrome wrongly attributed to Napoleon)
  34. 34."Avengers: Infinity ___" (2018 film)
  35. 35.Modern-day letter in your inbox
  36. 36."Tell me like ___!" ("Give me the truth!"):
  37. 37.Verbal hesitation
  38. 38."___ is more" (minimalist's philosophy)
  39. 39.What fruits do when left uneaten for too long
  40. 40.Sir Michael ___ who portrayed Alfred in "Batman Begins"
  41. 41.Entrepreneur's degree, often: Abbr.
  42. 42.Audio equipment giant
  43. 43.Day ___ (facility for young children)
  44. 44.Giga, tera, peta, ___ (anagram of "axe")
  45. 45.The Grand ___ Opry
  46. 46.___ Swift, "Fearless" singer who has won 40 AMAs as of 2023
  47. 47.Dublin citizens
  48. 48."Vive le ___!" ("Long live the King")
  49. 49.___ out a living (barely manage)
  50. 50."S" in iOS, for short
  51. 51.Braying, load-bearing animal
  52. 52.Participated in the Boston Marathon
  53. 53.Actress Thurman with a species of lizard named after her
  54. 54.To the ___ degree (utmost)
  55. 55.Blow someone ___ (astonish)
  56. 56.Large music concert venue
  57. 57.___ Mars, "24K Magic" singer who has won 11 AMAs as of 2023
  58. 58.Year-opening month, for short
  59. 59.Imitates a crow
  60. 60.Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, e.g.
  61. 61.Angsty rock genre
  62. 62.iPad or Amazon Fire, e.g.
  63. 63.Sugar-loving insect with a queen
  64. 64.___ Houston, "Greatest Love of All" singer who has won 22 AMAs

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