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  1. 1."What's gotten ___ you?”
  2. 2.Doctor who treats tonsillitis, say: Abbr.
  3. 3.Walt Whitman's creation
  4. 4.Opposite of "positive,” for short
  5. 5."Stop telling me all this!” in texts: Abbr.
  6. 6.Grabbed a chair, so to say
  7. 7.___ ring (foot jewelry)
  8. 8.Pungent smell
  9. 9.___ Mann, "The Simpsons” bus driver
  10. 10.Chop ___ (American-Chinese dish)
  11. 11.Author Edgar Allan ___ who created Detective Dupin
  12. 12.Prefix with "while” to mean formerly, in olden times
  13. 13.Prefix with "night” to mean 12 AM
  14. 14.Opus ___ ("The Da Vinci Code” sect)
  15. 15.Four-term US president: Abbr.
  16. 16.Brian ___, ambient music pioneer
  17. 17."A ___ formality” (insignificant)
  18. 18.___ Samberg, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor
  19. 19.Personal journal that can now be maintained on a smartphone
  20. 20.Improbable sports win, say
  21. 21.___ Weasley, Harry Potter's friend
  22. 22.Eye part that may be blue or green
  23. 23.Reaction on seeing the Niagara Falls, perhaps
  24. 24.Photography device that now comes equipped on all smartphones
  25. 25.Less than 90 degrees, as an angle
  26. 26.Actress ___ Mendes of "2 Fast 2 Furious”
  27. 27.Tic ___ (mint)
  28. 28.Lao-tzu's philosophy
  29. 29.Nat ___ Wild (TV channel)
  30. 30.Type of dance with clicking sounds
  31. 31.Pay-___-view
  32. 32.___ pressure (group influence)
  33. 33."___ is me!” ("Alas!”)
  34. 34.Filming location
  35. 35.Sulky selfie face, perhaps (rhymes with "bout”)
  36. 36.Dot on a die, say
  37. 37."___-la-la”
  38. 38.Big cat's comment?
  39. 39.Like a person that shows no emotion (anagram of "coits”)
  40. 40.___-Dame de Paris (landmark)
  41. 41.Decay, as a vegetable
  42. 42."Katherine” author ___ Seton
  43. 43."Gangnam Style” singer
  44. 44.Paleontologist's finding, perhaps
  45. 45.Library item that can now be accessed digitally with a smartphone
  46. 46."The Catcher in the ___” (J.D
  47. 47.___ and downs
  48. 48.Caterer's large coffee vessel
  49. 49.Leaf-gathering garden tool
  50. 50.Stay-at-home-___
  51. 51.Navigational sheet that can now be accessed using a smartphone
  52. 52.___ Beesly, "The Office” character
  53. 53.Voice ___, sound taping device that was widely used before smartphones
  54. 54.Fragrant spray-on scent, say
  55. 55.___ of the crop (the best)
  56. 56.Electronic device used for mathematical operations that's mostly been replaced by smartphones
  57. 57.Have loans to settle, say
  58. 58.Sweeney ___, "demonic” Johnny Depp character
  59. 59.Pie ___ mode: 2 wds.
  60. 60.Mai ___ (sweet cocktail)
  61. 61.Trash disposal place
  62. 62."___ Maria” (popular hymn)
  63. 63.Squirrel's treats or waldorf salad ingredients
  64. 64.So-called "loneliest” number
  65. 65.___ on the back (encouraging gesture)
  66. 66."___ boy!” ("Well done!”)

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