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  1. 1."Gross!" expression that is ugh's kin
  2. 2.Salt Lake City's state
  3. 3.Jafar's parrot in "Aladdin"
  4. 4.Arm or leg, e.g.
  5. 5."___ Room" (movie starring Jodie Foster)
  6. 6.Top for a pot
  7. 7.___ Sommers, momentary vampire character in the TV series "The Vampire Diaries"
  8. 8."We ___ to talk"
  9. 9.Scot's denial
  10. 10.Win over romantically
  11. 11.Strike caller in baseball, for short
  12. 12.Susceptible to
  13. 13."The Big ___ Theory" (sitcom with "old Sheldon")
  14. 14.___ Cullen, 104-year-old vampire character from the "Twilight" novel series
  15. 15."Mom" actress ___ Faris
  16. 16.Organization that promotes healthy teeth and gums: Abbr.
  17. 17.Tiny hard worker?
  18. 18.Catch red-handed
  19. 19.Huge sailing spot
  20. 20.Military officers, for short
  21. 21.British honor: Abbr.
  22. 22.In ___ (dumbstruck)
  23. 23.___ Salvatore, vampire character who loves Elena in the novel series "The Vampire Diaries"
  24. 24.Lion's home backward
  25. 25.Superhero with the alias Tony Stark:
  26. 26.Backdrop of a painting or movie
  27. 27.Opposite of "stand"
  28. 28.iPhone's big brother
  29. 29.Horse coat color pattern
  30. 30.Bring something into existence
  31. 31.Handy device
  32. 32.Portuguese explorer, Vasco da ___
  33. 33."Hamilton" villain, Aaron ___
  34. 34.Gandalf portrayer McKellen
  35. 35.Air-filled organs in the chest
  36. 36.Family vacation car
  37. 37.Top over jeans
  38. 38.___ Winchester, character who becomes a "temporary vampire" in the TV series "Supernatural"
  39. 39."___ favor, say aye":
  40. 40.Happy ___, kiddie combo at McDonald's
  41. 41.Comfy nightwear, for short
  42. 42.Non-___ food (label on organic food, perhaps): Abbr.
  43. 43.Bride's maiden name connector
  44. 44.Stethoscope wearer, for short
  45. 45.Port for flash drives: Abbr.
  46. 46.Ram's mate
  47. 47.Visitors from space: Abbr.
  48. 48."I'm shook," on Instagram: Abbr.
  49. 49.Zone or region
  50. 50."The Pioneer Woman" author ___ Drummond
  51. 51.Tiny water body in parks
  52. 52."Golly ___ whiz!"
  53. 53.Cuddling in the park, e.g.: Abbr.
  54. 54.Olive or sunflower extract
  55. 55.Singer Carly ___ Jepsen
  56. 56.Droop downward
  57. 57.Give an earful
  58. 58.Traveler's lodge
  59. 59.___ Dracula, title for the vampire owner seen in "Hotel Transylvania"
  60. 60."___ it up!" (encouraging words)
  61. 61.Dishwashing essential
  62. 62.New employee
  63. 63.Pull-___ bread

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