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  1. 1.Open ___ night (comedy club offering)
  2. 2.Director Howard of "A Beautiful Mind"
  3. 3.Dos x cuatro
  4. 4.Dance with a teen "king" and "queen"
  5. 5."Darling!", informally
  6. 6.School subject in which you may learn the Pythagorean theorem, for short
  7. 7."Found it!" expression
  8. 8.German pronoun that can be found at the end of "which" or "ostrich"
  9. 9.Nine-digit ID issued to a US citizen: Abbr.
  10. 10.Sweatshirt bit that can cover the head
  11. 11.High school freshman's grade
  12. 12.Diplomatic headquarters, for short
  13. 13.Sashimi ingredient from Hawaii
  14. 14.Emulate Dr. Dre
  15. 15.Tuition reducer?
  16. 16."___ and Juliet" (AP Lit staple, perhaps)
  17. 17.It's measured in geometry class
  18. 18.Inter ___ (among other things)
  19. 19.Fawn's mother
  20. 20."___ Baba and the Forty Thieves"
  21. 21.Dr. Jekyll's alter ego
  22. 22.___ list (errands): Hyph.
  23. 23.School fundraising group: Abbr.
  24. 24.Champion for justice?
  25. 25.School subject in which you may learn about the American Revolution
  26. 26.Suffix with "chlor" or "brom"
  27. 27.Brewed beverage enjoyed with scones
  28. 28."How low can you go?" competition
  29. 29.How whiskey is often served
  30. 30.School subject which may cover Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  31. 31.Picnic raiding army member
  32. 32.Like a close friend
  33. 33.Empire State Building city: Abbr.
  34. 34.Cause of sleeplessness in a fairy tale
  35. 35.Jog or sprint
  36. 36.Provided snacks for
  37. 37.Remote battery size
  38. 38.Spanish "uncle" (rhymes with "Rio")
  39. 39.Adele's "Rolling in the ___"
  40. 40."Ouch! I stubbed my ___!"
  41. 41.Allow entrance
  42. 42.Disney's wide-eyed baby deer
  43. 43.Belonging to him
  44. 44.Comic strip collision sound
  45. 45."However," in textspeak, for short
  46. 46."Wonderwall" band
  47. 47."Who ___ to complain?":
  48. 48.Be in tears
  49. 49.Like something amiss
  50. 50.Train track part
  51. 51.Invitingly warm and cozy
  52. 52.Response to a punch in the gut, in comics
  53. 53.Fish usually found in a can
  54. 54.Secure, as a boat (anagram of "room")
  55. 55.Personal liking
  56. 56.Massive amount of time
  57. 57.___-school (school for tots)
  58. 58.Unit of resistance
  59. 59.School class where one may engage in physical activity
  60. 60.AFL's partner: Abbr.
  61. 61.Maiden name preceder
  62. 62.School subject in which you may learn about literature and grammar
  63. 63.The Big ___ (Physics lesson, perhaps)
  64. 64.Sunday preceder, for short
  65. 65.Put two and two together, say

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