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  1. 1.___ lodge (winter holiday destination)
  2. 2.___ check (verify the information)
  3. 3.Soup vegetable that dwells in a pod
  4. 4.Word after "bachelor" or "lily"
  5. 5.Chris Pines' "This Means ___"
  6. 6.Beer-dispensing faucet
  7. 7.Pronoun for Mr. Someone, perhaps
  8. 8.Lodging with rustic vibes
  9. 9."What ___ I thinking?!"
  10. 10.Victorian ___ (period of English history)
  11. 11.Parody of sorts
  12. 12.Make a modification, as to a document
  13. 13.Military land force
  14. 14.___-inspiring (mind-blowing)
  15. 15.Instagram upload, informally
  16. 16.Giggle syllable
  17. 17.Sign on a door?
  18. 18.Master ___, security product company whose "Tough Under Fire" commercial aired during Super Bowl VIII
  19. 19.Congressional vote of support
  20. 20.Abduct, as a person for ransom
  21. 21.Where clouds drift and birds fly?
  22. 22.What a light bulb represents, in the comics
  23. 23.Win someone over, romantically
  24. 24.High-___ (cutting edge)
  25. 25.Apple's now-famous personal computer that was first introduced in a famous "1984" commercial that aired during Super Bowl XVIII
  26. 26.Frothy beverage served in a pint glass
  27. 27.Pepsi's rival beverage company whose commercial, "Hey Kid, Catch!" featured "Mean" Joe Greene and aired during Super Bowl XIV: Hyph.
  28. 28."Modern Family" network: Abbr.
  29. 29.Spanish liqueur hidden in its main flavor, "anise"
  30. 30.Flavor enhancer in the kitchen, like cumin
  31. 31.Center of Austria?
  32. 32.Long prom car, for short
  33. 33.Weaved, as a web
  34. 34.Grill residue
  35. 35.Snoozefest or yawn-inducer, say
  36. 36.Winding, like a mountain road
  37. 37.Typing speed statistic: Abbr.
  38. 38.Prayer-ending word
  39. 39.Opposite of "complicated"
  40. 40."I solemnly swear that I am ___ no good" (Marauder's Map phrase):
  41. 41.Overused, like old shoes or a favorite shirt might be
  42. 42.This detergent brand aired a three part commercial during Super Bowl LI featuring Terry Bradshaw trying to remove a stain from his suit
  43. 43.What Elsa's touch would convert water to, in "Frozen"
  44. 44.Term similar to "Bro!"
  45. 45.White creamy spread often part of Deli orders, for short
  46. 46.Arctic ocean animal with prominent tusks and whiskers
  47. 47."I'm going to ___ World!" commercial for a famous theme park resort that aired often during Super Bowls
  48. 48.Larger than life tale, say
  49. 49.Anaheim baseball team, on scoreboards: Abbr.
  50. 50."Love," in Spanish
  51. 51.Puzzler's cry at finding the solution, perhaps
  52. 52.Ripe tomato color
  53. 53.Hockey's Bobby ___ who won 3 consecutive Hart Trophies
  54. 54.Eyebrow's shape
  55. 55."Keep an ___ on it" (watch closely)
  56. 56."A Boy ___ Sue" (Johnny Cash song)
  57. 57."See you in court!" action
  58. 58.Portable bed
  59. 59."Rain, Rain, Go ___" (popular nursery rhyme)
  60. 60.Broke bread
  61. 61.Lion's luxuriant locks
  62. 62.Wile E. Coyote's explosive supplier
  63. 63.Margarita garnish, usually
  64. 64.Got an eyeful of?
  65. 65.___ the music (signal for)
  66. 66.Month between February and April, for short

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