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  1. 1.Kidney-shaped edible seed
  2. 2.___-Bake Oven, functional toy
  3. 3.Numbers which are not even
  4. 4.Simpson who might enjoy this app?
  5. 5.___-mo (video speed)
  6. 6.Rip off
  7. 7.Doe's beau
  8. 8.Take to the air
  9. 9."Do you have ___ questions?"
  10. 10.34th President of the United States: Abbr.
  11. 11.Wriggly fish
  12. 12.iPhone enabling software
  13. 13."For ___ a jolly good fellow..."
  14. 14.Jacob's biblical twin
  15. 15.Wine that is in between red and white
  16. 16.Love ___, fictional band from the Disney animated series "Phineas & Ferb"
  17. 17.Where clouds float
  18. 18."If only I'd ___..."
  19. 19."Check, matey"
  20. 20.Short-term staff, for short
  21. 21."Breaking" or "fake" follower
  22. 22.TV's "American ___"
  23. 23."I Have a Dream" orator's initials
  24. 24.Fictional band from the film "Almost Famous" that is about a journalist's journey to pen an article in Rolling Stone
  25. 25.Archaeological find
  26. 26.Authorizes, slangily
  27. 27.Enjoy fried chicken, say
  28. 28.Math class with x's, for short
  29. 29.Cinco de ___ (Mexican holiday)
  30. 30.Us Weekly or People, for short
  31. 31.Ophthalmologist's concern
  32. 32.Brief office reminder
  33. 33.Three, in Roman numerals
  34. 34.Last letters in "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
  35. 35.Jack-o'-lanterns month, for short
  36. 36.Dissenting votes
  37. 37.Weight-to-height calculation: Abbr.
  38. 38.Earth-related prefix
  39. 39.___ wolf (solitary figure)
  40. 40."The ___ Housewives of Beverly Hills"
  41. 41.Train stop, for short
  42. 42.NFL ball carriers: Abbr.
  43. 43.Actress ___ Hathaway of "The Idea of You"
  44. 44.German article
  45. 45.Planted, as a seed
  46. 46.Do as directed
  47. 47."Holy cow!"
  48. 48.Shiny circular storage devices in a square box: Abbr.
  49. 49.Fireplace output
  50. 50.Businessman Musk
  51. 51.The School of ___, fictional band from the Jack Black comedy of the same name
  52. 52.Desk job neck pain
  53. 53.___ Slip, fictional band from the film "Freaky Friday" in which Lindsay Lohan's character plays the lead guitar
  54. 54.Hit song by Eric Clapton titled after a lady
  55. 55.___ of war (rope game)
  56. 56."Collective defense" military alliance: Abbr.
  57. 57.Prior to AD: Abbr.
  58. 58.Breakfast, e.g.
  59. 59.4* ___, fictional boy band from the Pixar film "Turning Red"
  60. 60.Santa ___ (city in California)
  61. 61.Ironically funny
  62. 62.___-cone (cold treat)
  63. 63.Currency used in Kyoto
  64. 64."Give ___ break!":
  65. 65.Prefix meaning "against"
  66. 66.Memorable age
  67. 67."Poor Things" actress Stone
  68. 68.Japanese soup base

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