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  1. 1.What a fool might be using to cross the sea, according to a Grateful Dead song?
  2. 2."Cogito, ___ sum"
  3. 3.Press ___ (media packet)
  4. 4.Grace-concluding word
  5. 5.Ending letters of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
  6. 6.CT scan kin: Abbr.
  7. 7.Number common to eyes, ears, and hands
  8. 8.Salami-selling shop
  9. 9.Legendary boxer Muhammad
  10. 10.Shih-___, mixed breed dog
  11. 11.Board game cubes
  12. 12.Word before "space" or "limits"
  13. 13.Hard to find, say
  14. 14.Where a fool might meet Jack and Jill, according to a Beatles song?
  15. 15.Basil-flavored pasta sauce
  16. 16.The heart, functionally
  17. 17.A dozen minus two
  18. 18.Golden ___ Bridge, San Francisco
  19. 19.Jingly pocket resident?
  20. 20.Enjoyed a pizza, say
  21. 21."Not a moment too ___!"
  22. 22.Assenting vote
  23. 23.Messy pig home
  24. 24.Like a dough, after baking
  25. 25.Gift of the ___ (speaking ability)
  26. 26.What you can't do to a fool, according to a Pretenders song?
  27. 27.Give off, as light
  28. 28.___ Shortz (crossword connoisseur)
  29. 29.Cillian Murphy's nationality
  30. 30."Bill ___, the Science Guy"
  31. 31."I'm ___ loss for words!":
  32. 32.Elevations, for short
  33. 33.Marsupial that uses its tail as a fifth leg, informally
  34. 34.What you may end up doing to a fool on Valentine's Day, according to a George Michael song?
  35. 35.What sixty seconds make, for short
  36. 36.Botanical secretion
  37. 37.French "me"
  38. 38.Sweat-inducing work
  39. 39.Slightly moist
  40. 40."Because you're worth it" cosmetics brand
  41. 41."Gangnam Style" singer
  42. 42."How ___ you do that?"
  43. 43."Not a ___ eye in the house"
  44. 44.Where a fool might be in during a storm, according to a Led Zeppelin song?
  45. 45.Team in charge, for short
  46. 46.McBeal played by Calista Flockhart
  47. 47.Pea container
  48. 48."New" start to "classical"
  49. 49.Peak that may be Italian, Swiss, or Austrian
  50. 50.What a "series" of fools may be called, according to an Aretha Franklin song?
  51. 51.Performed on at Karaoke Night, say
  52. 52.Have a gander
  53. 53."My one and ___..."
  54. 54.Contact ___ (eyewear)
  55. 55.Style that makes a comeback
  56. 56.Helium or oxygen, e.g.
  57. 57.Transport for rough roads: Abbr.
  58. 58.Freezer staple?
  59. 59."Argo" actor ___ Affleck
  60. 60.Vrooms past
  61. 61.Amsterdam's continent, for short
  62. 62.Prefix denoting the Earth
  63. 63.Creep-y plant
  64. 64.Name that would be a perfect suffix to "Egypt" or "Jordan"
  65. 65.NBA scoring units, for short

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