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  1. 1.Pinocchio's lie detector
  2. 2.Calculator button used for subtraction
  3. 3.Actress Maude of HBO's "Euphoria”
  4. 4.Noise from a pet pig
  5. 5.Sticky substance boiled down to make maple syrup
  6. 6.Foolish one
  7. 7."The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" actor who plays Laszlo Kreizler on 40-Across (2 wds.)
  8. 8."We ___ please" (2 wds.)
  9. 9.See 4-Down
  10. 10."Cold Sassy ___" (Olive Ann Burns novel)
  11. 11.State of maximum readiness (2 wds.)
  12. 12.Artist's agent, informally
  13. 13."The African Queen" screenwriter James
  14. 14.Winged biters, informally
  15. 15.Fruity drinks, for short
  16. 16.Singer who once stylized her name with a dollar sign
  17. 17.Web portal letters
  18. 18.Go for ___ in the pool (2 wds.)
  19. 19.Actress Russell of "The Diplomat"
  20. 20.Part of speech that is conjugated
  21. 21."Wonder Woman" actress Gadot
  22. 22.Calligrapher's supplies
  23. 23."___ Hop Is Dead" (Nas song)
  24. 24.With 48-Across, novelist who wrote 40-Across and "The Angel of Darkness"
  25. 25.Highway with tolls (Abbr.)
  26. 26."To All the Boys ___ Loved Before" (Jenny Han novel)
  27. 27.World's largest furniture retailer
  28. 28."Insecure" creator/star Rae
  29. 29.Nintendo game console with a fitness component
  30. 30.Noah's boat
  31. 31."The ___ of an Ending" (Booker-winning novel by Julian Barnes)
  32. 32.Helper, for short
  33. 33.Tops of many Halloween getups
  34. 34."What ___ is new?"
  35. 35."___ the Wild Things Are" (Maurice Sendak children's classic)
  36. 36.Degree held by many CEOs (Abbr.)
  37. 37."___ further reflection ... "
  38. 38.Weight on one's shoulders
  39. 39.Took full advantage of the buffet, say (3 wds.)
  40. 40.Small drinks
  41. 41.Tax-collecting government agency (Abbr.)
  42. 42."The Charge of the Light Brigade" poet Alfred
  43. 43.Hypotheticals
  44. 44."Happy ___ After" (Nora Roberts romance novel)
  45. 45.Identical antagonist in some fiction (2 wds.)
  46. 46.Novel by 4-Down/48-Across adapted into a miniseries starring 18-Across and 29-Across (2 wds.)
  47. 47."Things You ___ in a Fire" (2019 bestseller by Katherine Center)
  48. 48.Cardiology chart letters
  49. 49."CHiPs" co-star Erik
  50. 50.Herman played by Paul Reubens (Hyph.)
  51. 51.Jean M. Auel's "The Clan of the ___ Bear"
  52. 52."A Passage to India" heroine
  53. 53.Big name in bandages and hardware
  54. 54.ACLU concerns (Abbr.)
  55. 55.Letters on a PC scrolling key
  56. 56.Fly high
  57. 57."The Twilight Saga" actress who plays Sara Howard on 40-Across (2 wds.)
  58. 58."The Thundering ___" (Zane Grey novel featuring thousands of buffalo)
  59. 59."Leading with My Chin" memoirist Jay
  60. 60.Words said while tying the knot (2 wds.)

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