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  1. 1.Cow's comment
  2. 2.Punk offshoot (2 wds.)
  3. 3.Movie headliners
  4. 4.Bowler's targets
  5. 5.Wile E. Coyote's explosive
  6. 6.Norwegian metropolis
  7. 7.God, in Spanish
  8. 8.Up-and-down playground apparatus
  9. 9.___ gin fizz
  10. 10.Does simple arithmetic
  11. 11."Wine Country" director Poehler
  12. 12.Remove from power
  13. 13.Game with cues and balls
  14. 14.Cheers in Madrid
  15. 15.Keyboard gaffe
  16. 16.Mario Winans hit that was No. 7 on the "Billboard" Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2004 (4 wds.)
  17. 17.Shopping catchall
  18. 18.Mythical Himalayan creatures
  19. 19.Onion relative in some soups
  20. 20.Suffix with "kitchen" or "luncheon"
  21. 21.Little battery
  22. 22.Work with needle and thread
  23. 23.Having a nice shine
  24. 24.Hoppy brews, briefly
  25. 25."That's neither here ___ there!"
  26. 26.Grown-up
  27. 27.Hunter's trap
  28. 28.Seek political office
  29. 29.Door opener
  30. 30.OutKast hit that was No. 5 on the "Billboard" Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2004 (4 wds.)
  31. 31.Serenader's delivery (2 wds.)
  32. 32.Transit system in Paris
  33. 33.Jim Davis comics dog
  34. 34."Amazing!"
  35. 35.USPS material
  36. 36.Hurled forcefully
  37. 37.Donkey's comment
  38. 38.Sign of sleepiness
  39. 39.Santa's workshop helper
  40. 40."Groundhog ___" (Bill Murray film set on February 2)
  41. 41.Glass who hosts "This American Life"
  42. 42.___ Xer (Millennial preceder)
  43. 43.Sound from a little horn
  44. 44.Bathroom item on a rack
  45. 45.Lion's comment
  46. 46.Swoosh shoe brand
  47. 47.Workplace oversight org. (Abbr.)
  48. 48.Irritated state
  49. 49.Pepsi, for one
  50. 50.Put in alphabetical order, perhaps
  51. 51.Create a novel
  52. 52.Disorganized pile
  53. 53."Hop on ___" (Dr. Seuss book)
  54. 54."Gemini Man" director Lee
  55. 55.San Antonio attraction
  56. 56.Prefix that means "bad"
  57. 57.Like a verdant forest
  58. 58.Pointy fork part
  59. 59.Fitting together like matryoshka dolls
  60. 60.Battlefield adversary
  61. 61.Made less demanding
  62. 62.Alicia Keys hit that was No. 3 on the "Billboard" Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2004 (5 wds.)
  63. 63.Does some teasing (2 wds.)

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