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  1. 1.Short comedy sketch
  2. 2.Soft drink brand with a red-white-and-blue logo
  3. 3.Donna Summer's music genre
  4. 4.ABBA's home country (Abbr.)
  5. 5.Canoelike boats
  6. 6.Clueless beginner, in gaming slang
  7. 7.Risk-taker's challenging words (2 wds.)
  8. 8.Actor Malek who won an Oscar for playing Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody"
  9. 9.Try to avoid being seen
  10. 10.Nextel Cup and Sprint Cup sports org. (Abbr.)
  11. 11.Black or green brewed drinks
  12. 12.Mountain songs
  13. 13.Competes in the Winter Olympics giant slalom
  14. 14.Stepped inside
  15. 15.New staff member
  16. 16.See 30-Across
  17. 17."If You Love Somebody Set ___ Free" (Sting hit song)
  18. 18.A whole bunch
  19. 19.Parent company of Facebook
  20. 20.Large flightless birds
  21. 21.Cincinnati's MLB team
  22. 22."Viva ___ Vegas" (Elvis Presley film)
  23. 23.Heavy ___ (music genre)
  24. 24."Always Be My Maybe" actor Daniel Dae ___
  25. 25.Cartoon supplier of anvils and explosive tennis balls
  26. 26.Headache for a kindergarten teacher
  27. 27.After the deadline (2 wds.)
  28. 28.___ list (musician's concert plan)
  29. 29."Call Me Maybe" singer who released her sixth studio album, "The Loneliest Time," in 2022 (3 wds.)
  30. 30.Queen's "Another ___ Bites the Dust"
  31. 31.Italian region known for sparkling wine
  32. 32."Spoiler ___!" ("This will give away the ending!")
  33. 33.Shortened word, for short
  34. 34."Let me think about it" (2 wds.)
  35. 35.2015 hit song by 49-Across with the lyrics "But how'd we get in this position? / It's way too soon, I know this isn't love" (4 wds.)
  36. 36."Huzzah!"
  37. 37.Hydroelectric power source
  38. 38.Bonnie Raitt's "Something to ___ About"
  39. 39."Law & Order" actor Jerry
  40. 40.The Cardinals, on sports tickers
  41. 41.___-craftsy
  42. 42.Prefix meaning "eight"
  43. 43.Martini garnish
  44. 44.Highly skilled
  45. 45.Nickname for grandma
  46. 46.Informal conversation
  47. 47.Shakers, stirrers, tongs, etc., for mixing drinks
  48. 48.Fish and ___
  49. 49.With 32-Across, 2022 single by 49-Across with the lyrics "I've got a weekend in paradise / And I'm probably gonna never call you"
  50. 50.Sounds made by sheep
  51. 51."Jump ___ Fall" (Taylor Swift song)
  52. 52.Former White House Press Secretary Psaki
  53. 53.Short-legged hound
  54. 54.Like an unswept fireplace hearth
  55. 55.Farmland measure
  56. 56.Birthstone between sapphire and topaz
  57. 57.Spanish grandmother
  58. 58.___ Shore Drive (scenic route in Chicago)
  59. 59.Floral scent of some purple air fresheners
  60. 60.Computation in geometry class
  61. 61.Arizona NHL team
  62. 62.Flamenco dance cheer
  63. 63.Thick heads of hair
  64. 64.Triumphant exclamation

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