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  1. 1.Ride a bike
  2. 2.Thailand neighbor
  3. 3.Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson hit song (3 wds.)
  4. 4.Charlottesville school founded by Thomas Jefferson (Abbr.)
  5. 5.Concern of many HGTV shows
  6. 6.Tech review website
  7. 7.Actress Taylor-Joy who voices Princess Peach in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"
  8. 8.___ Scotia, Canada
  9. 9.Dawn droplets
  10. 10.Pained cry
  11. 11.Otis Redding's "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the ___"
  12. 12."Dynamite" K-pop group
  13. 13.Not domestic, as a flight (Abbr.)
  14. 14.Seat that may swallow the remote control
  15. 15.Long-eared beast of burden
  16. 16."Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" pop group
  17. 17.Words of understanding (2 wds.)
  18. 18.No longer runs, as a TV show (2 wds.)
  19. 19.Seemingly forever
  20. 20.ICU caregivers (Abbr.)
  21. 21.Lhasa ___ (small dog)
  22. 22.Uses a spade
  23. 23.Zero
  24. 24.Kanga's joey in A.A. Milne stories
  25. 25."Star Trek" actor Leonard
  26. 26.Pollo ___ (grilled chicken dish)
  27. 27.Blurry images in tabloid photos, for short
  28. 28.Justin Bieber's "What Do ___ Mean?"
  29. 29.Place for new email messages
  30. 30."Africa" and "Rosanna" rock band
  31. 31."This I Promise You" and 9-Down boy band
  32. 32.Mosquito repellent brand
  33. 33.Update from a pilot, for short
  34. 34.Actress Bialik of "The Big Bang Theory"
  35. 35.Use for support (2 wds.)
  36. 36.Worthy of the trash heap
  37. 37.Trailing in the polls, say
  38. 38."Round ___ virgin mother and child" ("Silent Night" lyric)
  39. 39.Home for a pet fish
  40. 40."___ Buck" (classic John Candy film)
  41. 41.Plus-column item
  42. 42.Red and Coral, but not pink
  43. 43."Baby Got Back" rapper Sir Mix-___ (Hyph.)
  44. 44."The Joshua ___" (U2 album with the hit "Where the Streets Have No Name")
  45. 45."The Golden Girls" actress Arthur
  46. 46.College graduate, for short
  47. 47.Prefix with "gender"
  48. 48.Safe to consume
  49. 49.Price tag information
  50. 50."Ain't That Lonely ___" (Dwight Yoakam song)
  51. 51.The Beach Boys hit song (3 wds.)
  52. 52."If You Could ___ My Mind" (classic Gordon Lightfoot song)
  53. 53.ID with two hyphens (Abbr.)
  54. 54.Dove's sound
  55. 55.The "brains" of a smartphone, for short
  56. 56.Seaweed in a California roll
  57. 57.Takes steps
  58. 58.Crook's haul
  59. 59.Aptly named shaving brand
  60. 60.Pretzels and chips, in adspeak
  61. 61.Sources of delight
  62. 62.Johnny Cash hit song (3 wds.)
  63. 63."La Bamba" co-star Morales
  64. 64.42-Down hit song (3 wds.)

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