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  1. 1.Scroll through, as a blog post
  2. 2.Pint at a pub
  3. 3.Ctrl-___-Del (PC reboot combo)
  4. 4."___ Was a Rollin' Stone" (No. 1 hit for the Temptations)
  5. 5.Olympic figure skater Midori
  6. 6."I need a straight answer now!" (3 wds.)
  7. 7.Skill useful in delicate situations
  8. 8.Scornful look
  9. 9."What were ___ thinking?"
  10. 10.Quick hellos
  11. 11.Daytona 500 entry
  12. 12.Debtor's letters
  13. 13.Chocolate-and-caramel candy
  14. 14."___ the beans!"
  15. 15.University of South Carolina power forward/center who was honored with the 2022 Wade Trophy (2 wds.)
  16. 16.Scuba diver's footwear
  17. 17.Share a border with
  18. 18.Bumble Bee tuna container
  19. 19.Period covered by a typical desk calendar
  20. 20.Actor Alda of "Bridge of Spies"
  21. 21.Post-injury regimen
  22. 22.Big commotions
  23. 23.CBS forensic series with regional spin-offs
  24. 24."Candyman" director DaCosta
  25. 25.___ and groan (complain)
  26. 26.Actress West of the silver screen
  27. 27.Singer Wilson of the band Heart
  28. 28.Tabby
  29. 29.Baylor University power forward who was honored with the 2021 Wade Trophy (2 wds.)
  30. 30.Just so-so
  31. 31.Choir section
  32. 32.Approximately (2 wds.)
  33. 33.White House staffer
  34. 34.Wet-weather toppers (2 wds.)
  35. 35.Prefix with "cycle" or "angle"
  36. 36.Crash into deliberately
  37. 37.Mild Dutch cheese
  38. 38.Suffix for a very rich person
  39. 39.Hushed "Hey you!"
  40. 40.Small bite
  41. 41.Break bread
  42. 42.Coat examined by a vet
  43. 43.Omelet preparer's need
  44. 44.Home state of the NBA's Jazz
  45. 45.Technology that streams iPhone content to a television, e.g.
  46. 46.Commercial suffix with "Gator" and "Power"
  47. 47.Seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Brady
  48. 48.British bowling game
  49. 49.Pull suddenly
  50. 50.Crooked
  51. 51."___ the season to be jolly ... "
  52. 52.Talks and talks and talks
  53. 53.Company VIP (Abbr.)
  54. 54.Eight, in Spanish
  55. 55.Grammy-winning R&B artist India.___
  56. 56.Singer-songwriter DiFranco
  57. 57.Holler
  58. 58.Gross
  59. 59.University of Iowa point guard who was honored with the 2023 Wade Trophy (2 wds.)

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