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  1. 1.Climate-controlling villain played by Liam McIntyre on The Flash: 2 wds.
  2. 2.Jazz and pop singer ___ King Cole
  3. 3.Images you tap to launch smartphone apps
  4. 4.Michelle to Sasha and Malia
  5. 5.Join with a blowtorch
  6. 6.Shell out as cash
  7. 7.Snatch
  8. 8.Actor Malek who had a voice role in Dolittle
  9. 9.Christopher Robin actor McGregor
  10. 10.Large fancy homes
  11. 11.Icy villain played by Danielle Panabaker on The Flash: 2 wds.
  12. 12.Shut yer ___! (Hush up!)
  13. 13.They try to get you to buy things
  14. 14.How stupid do you think ___?: 2 wds.
  15. 15.Cookie that became kosher in 1997
  16. 16.Liquids that lubricate
  17. 17.The Neighborhood star Greenfield
  18. 18.Fluffy garment for when its a little chilly at home
  19. 19.Gymnasts landing place
  20. 20.Verdi opera about a slave girl
  21. 21.From this moment forward: 3 wds.
  22. 22.Guy with children
  23. 23.Televise
  24. 24.Actress Delany of China Beach
  25. 25.I ___ it all to my parents
  26. 26.Tender areas on the skin
  27. 27.Bird with screech and snowy varieties
  28. 28.Onetime lovers
  29. 29.Skyscraper singer Lovato
  30. 30.State that presidential candidates often focus on early
  31. 31.This is where I long to be la ___ bonita (Madonna lyrics)
  32. 32.Was in first place
  33. 33.Nonhuman that posts on Twitter for example
  34. 34.Small sheltered inlet
  35. 35.Hannah and Her Sisters star Farrow
  36. 36.Insolent response
  37. 37.Actresses Faris and Kendrick
  38. 38.___ and ends
  39. 39.Going out ___ date: 2 wds.
  40. 40.Zilch
  41. 41.Start of many American battleship names
  42. 42.Sexual desire
  43. 43.Kitchen appliance that might have a glass door
  44. 44.Warm up
  45. 45.Short excerpt from a movie
  46. 46.Make acceptable for publication
  47. 47.Fury
  48. 48.Up ___ good (misbehaving): 2 wds.
  49. 49.Male cat
  50. 50.Young actor Tremblay of Good Boys and Room
  51. 51.___ White (character in the game Clue)
  52. 52.Chilly villain played by Wentworth Miller on The Flash: 2 wds.
  53. 53.Work the oars
  54. 54.Crime ___ not pay
  55. 55.Inappropriate stare
  56. 56.Billy ___ Williams
  57. 57.Stopped standing
  58. 58.People such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood
  59. 59.Detroit NFL player
  60. 60.Chandlers roommate when Friends debuted
  61. 61.Ending for steward or shepherd
  62. 62.Return of the Jedi creature such as Wicket W. Warrick
  63. 63.He was slain by Cain
  64. 64.___ Bath & Beyond

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